Wednesday , December 2 2020

Google Duplex can now book cinema tickets in the UK and US

You can now use Google Duplex to book cinema tickets online on Android in the UK and US. The functionality that first bothered with Google I / O 2019 can be accessed through the Google Assistant or the Google Android app. You can search or browse movie listings and once you've found the right time and location, tap the "Buy Tickets" button to get started. The software then takes you through the steps of collecting points and can enter your payment information for you if you have them saved in Chrome.

The new feature builds on the existing Duplex restaurant reservation functionality, which Google launched last year. However, in this case, it goes through a simplified process of filling out text fields on a web site, rather than trying to use a voice assistant to place a phone call into an undoubted business.

A video released by Google shows functionality in action.
Image: Google

Google says its ticket booking service is compatible with over 70 cinemas and ticketing services including AMC, Handango, CDM Theaters and in the US and will also work with Odeon cinemas in the UK.

I just tried the functionality for myself to see how it works, and the whole process felt flawless, even when you had to rely on my own cinema interface to choose your seats. Overall, however, given how unusual the cinema websites may be, it is a very welcome feature.

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