Thursday , September 24 2020

Google demonstrates the stadium UI and lists some missing launch features


So many key features will be missing when Stadia first arrives that you have to wonder why Google hasn't pushed the launch date back a week or two. For example, the existing Chromecast Ultra will be useless when the first editions of the founders are shipped. Instead, only the Chromecast Ultrasound that sends controllers will have the necessary firmware to play the games. "They are updating the existing CC Ultra over the air immediately after launch," Doronichev said.

MIA will also feature Stadia Connect, State Share and Crowd Play, features that allow players to join other games and put content into games. The first game with Stream Connect will not come until the end of the year, and Games Share and Crowd Play will be released next year, "said Doronichev.

The Sharing family will not arrive until early next year, and in the meantime, Google has said that you will need to buy a second copy of the game for your child. However, you can at least control what they play with the parent board.

The founders of Edition shoppers will be disappointed to know that they won't have any friends to play with, as Buddy Pass won't ship for weeks after launch. These will allow you to give your friend a quarterly "Stadium" subscription and have been a key selling point of the founders' edition.

It may take days after launch on November 19th to get your controller, so you'll need to play with the keyboard or mouse to get started. Finally, you won't see your achievements until shortly after launch, though you will be able to earn them. (For a more complete list of missing features, see this tweet thread by @russelholly.)

Google said it was adopting the same gradual approach as with other products such as Search and YouTube. "We always start by locking the key journey per user, and then continue to release additional features. YouTube has started a "watch video". For Stadia it's "They play the game on your biggest screen," Doronichev said.

On the plus side, the team also provided some demos on home screens, setups, buddy lists, settings and more. From the Home tab, you can choose to play games on your phone or through Chromecast as much as you can with Netflix, for example. The menu system lets you choose the quality of data flow and data usage, with "Best Visual Quality" with 4K HDR resolution consuming up to 20 GB per hour, and "Limited Data Usage" using 4.5 GB per hour at 720p . The "Balanced" setting, meanwhile, allows "Stage to determine the best experience based on the speed of your internet connection," according to the screens.

Google also showed a "friends list" that slides up from the bottom of the screen when you tap the people icon next to your profile. Your own status is displayed online, jobless, busy and present. It also demonstrated how to connect to the Stadia controller over your phone the first time you use it. After that, you will only need to click the Stadia button on the controller.

Finally, the AMA revealed a few more details on the TV's home screen, showing your avatar, last game played, and "your games" carousel. The side drawer shows the quality of the connection and how to access your friends. All told, Google has made the Stadia interface pretty easy to follow, borrowing liberally from other consoles. All that remains to be seen now is how well the streaming system will work and we will know the answer very soon.

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