Monday , June 14 2021

Google Allo is officially dead

Google announced in December last year that it will close its Allo application. And finally the time came: Google Allo is officially dead today.

Google now displays a message on the official Allo web site that announces the official exclusion of the messaging application. Allo Apps are still available from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, and the web application is still available. But when you try to log in as a new user, the OTP needs to log in to the application takes the age to receive. Existing users are likely to be thrown out somewhere today.

Allo was first launched in 2016, along with Google Duo, a video chat partner for Google's chat application from 2016. Although Duo flew, Allo failed to catch any traction, and it only made sense to close the application down at this point. Google, apparently, introduced another messaging message – Android Messages – and that's the company's main focus for now.

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