Sunday , July 25 2021

Georgia Senate Debate: How to Watch

Incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Lofler and her Democratic opponent, the Reverend Rafael Warnock, accepted invitations from the Atlanta Press Club to participate in Sunday’s debate at 7 p.m. While the other Republican nominee, incumbent Sen. David Pardew, declined his invitation to face Democrat Jonon Osoff, his Democratic challenger accepted his invitation and will appear on the empty podium at 5pm on Sunday, according to the rules of the debate.

The Atlanta Press Club said they would allow Pardew to take part if he changed his mind.

CNN will broadcast the debate between Lofler and Warnock at 7 p.m. The debate will also be broadcast live on the homepage and on mobile devices via CNN’s iOS and Android apps with the announcement of a cable supplier. It can also be viewed on CNNgo (on on your desktop, smartphone and iPad and via CNNgo apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku and Samsung Smart TV). Debates will also be available to subscribers on request via cable / satellite systems, CNNgo platforms and CNN mobile applications.

Who are the moderators?

The debates will be moderated by WAGA-TV / Fox5 host Russ Spencer, according to the Atlanta Press Club, with Greg Blustein, political reporter for the Atlanta Journal, and Lisa Ryam, WABE radio host and senior producer, as panelists.

What is the format of the debate?

In each debate, the moderator will provide initial statements for the candidates, according to the Atlanta Press Club. The debates will be divided into three rounds, the first of which will involve each candidate being asked at least one question by a panelist. In the second round, candidates will be allowed to ask their opponents at least one question, with time to refute. The third round includes panelists who alternately ask a question to a candidate of their choice until time runs out.

At the end of the rounds, each candidate will be able to make a final statement.

Where is the debate taking place?

The debates will take place at the Georgia Broadcasting Study in Atlanta, Georgia.

How many days until the second round of elections?

There are 30 days from Sunday until the second round of elections, which will be held on January 5.

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