Wednesday , August 4 2021

Four new things you can do with Google Maps

Here are the latest Google Maps updates:

  • Community dosing within the application: With this new feature, Google Maps users will have access to the latest views, photos and posts added to the Maps by people who follow them and by local experts. That’s how Elpel (YELP) – but will be available directly in the application.
  • Maps and search messages: Verified companies can send messages to customers directly from the application, allowing search engines to communicate with businesses and ask questions. Customer messages will appear in the Business Messages section of the application update tab.
  • Insight into the performance of business entities: This business-focused update will track how well a company is doing by measuring the number of customer engagements initiated by Maps and Search. This system will provide insights into business performance news and engagement with Google customers.
  • Street view images added by users: Google Maps users will be able to upload their Street View images from their phones. Specifically, people can do this by capturing a series of related images as they walk down the street or path. Once those images are captured and published, Google will automatically rotate, position, and combine the images.
A great year has passed for application updates, released in 2005. In September, Google Maps introduced a feature that shows traffic lights in a number of US cities.

With the new social features that Google unveiled this month, Yelp’s competition with Google Maps is stronger than ever. Yelp is also well aware. In March, the company shared its long-standing grievances against Google at a Senate Antitrust Subcommittee hearing.

Google (GOGOG) faces government antitrust lawsuit unrelated to Maps. It focuses on two main areas. The first focus is the company’s decision to make Google search the default on Android, its mobile operating system and the most popular in the world, which is distributed on its own phones, as well as on phones made by other manufacturers. The second area of ​​focus is Google’s contracts with apple (AAPL), Samsung (SSNLF) and other device manufacturers that do Google searches by default on their phones.

– Brian Fung from CNN contributed to this report.

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