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Forty Storm Flip Update 9.20

Forty Storm Flip Update 9.20 (Photo: Epic Games)

Fortnite fans can take a 9.20 update after a short delay.

The latest Fortnite update is accompanied by a breakdown of PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Maintaining the Fortnite server is expected to be held from 9 am to 11 am in the United Kingdom.

In the meantime, fans can download the new update from Epic Games.

According to the sticker notes, the big new addition is the "Storm Flip" element.

It is described as a throw point that explodes at impact to create a sphere in the shape of a zone. It will create a safe zone when it overlaps with a storm or a storm zone if it is thrown into a safe area.

There is also a fight against the LTM match, plus news for the Undo Purchase button, which can be used when buying selected items.

The only bad news from the update 9.20 is that Epic Games have vaulted hunters.

Check out the full list of updates 9.20 support notes below …


Storm Flip

• Throw point that explodes at impact and creates a zone with a sphere shape.

• When the sphere overlaps with the storm, it will create a safe zone.

• When the sphere overlaps with a safe zone, it will create a zone of storm.

• "Storm Flip" deals with the same damage as the current storm.

• The zone lasts 20 seconds before dissipation.

• Available in an epic rarity.

• Can be found from plates on the floor, coffins and vending machines.

• Drops in lots of 1.

• Max Stack of 1.

My own

Hunting Rifle all variants

While we appreciate the various options for sniping with a longer range, the Hunting Rifle has become slightly superior to the infantry rifle after it was changed to hitscan. In addition, there are several Sniper rifle options available and we believe that it currently does not fill the necessary role in the item lineup.

Cloth carrier

• Reduced availability of the sniper package from 12.5% ​​to 8.45%

• Reduced availability of explosive packages from 12.5% ​​to 7.04%

• The chances of getting high-powered, rare items from supply drones were higher than it was appropriate, so we reduced their availability a bit

Mounted turret

• Overheating now lasts 20% longer.

• The use of the fitted baby decreases over time. With a little increase in time before overheating, the goal is to help increase risk / reward.

• Increased maximum charging time for the Boom Bow from 1 to 1.25 seconds

• Boom bow is a bit stronger than you would like. This adjustment should reduce the frequency between shots, making misses more risky. We would like to evaluate the impact of this change before making further adjustments, and it may be that more changes will be required if this does not have a desired effect.

• The audio, pink ring, and centrifuge blades are turned off when they are disabled during the Storm Stage Five.

• Players animated by Reboot Van will lose inviolability when shooting or building.

• Air vents are now more forgiving to prevent damage to the crash when players jump on them from high places.

Forty storm Flip Point

Forty storm Flip Point (Photo: Epic Games)

Bug fixes

• A fixed issue in which weapons that previously did not have ammunition could not be automatically reloaded.

• A fixed question where players will be harmed after getting out of the baller who is rolling down quickly.

• Help for help can no longer be used to fire players using a shadow bomb.

• A fixed topic where players can damage players who were excluded from the match.

• A fixed question where a flying toy will catch Ballers in the middle of the air.

• A fixed issue where audio and visual FX Slipstream will continue to appear after the player exits.

• A fixed problem where the sound and visual effects of Air Vents occurred more than once.

• A fixed question in which the floating boards could not get out of Slipstreams.

• Leaving a vehicle entering Slipstream no longer causes players to be evacuated.

• Vending machines no longer become unusable when the player using it eliminates.

• Flint-Knock Pistol can now constantly hit targets and shooter the correct distance.

• The dynamic sound no longer sticks to the loop during repetitions.

• The visual effect of a lava bounce more if Baller refuses from lava to water.



• Treasure chests contain epic or better weapons, and occasionally an infinite blade! Fight your opponents to find out who is worth Blade … and who is not.


• The automatic exchange option was removed and is always turned on.

• Removing the option allows us to optimize the behavior of Auto-Swap, primarily reducing rare cases in which materials are not exchanged properly.

• Increased duration for how long the loan can be approved for the elimination of the last impairment.

• Falling damage from the 15th to the 60th

• Auto-elimination from the 15th to the 60th

• Storm elimination from the 5th to the 60th

• Added support for foot control devices to accessibility options.

• Customized inverted plane information to better describe the option.

Bug fixes

• The gamepad controls now constantly allow players to create a turbo when using the "Place" action, while at the same time tying Stall, Vol, Roof or Cat shares.

• Players out of the enclosed enemy structures can no longer be built into them.

• A fixed issue in which the destruction of a building can be interrupted by re-linking its base.

• A fixed problem in which players will hang in the air if they turn off during the phase of the bus collapse.

• Certain Fortbytes that require a specific cosmetic product now properly unlock for players who have it equipped.


• Updated sounds for recharge for weapons to be mono instead of stereo. This will help with sound weapon room improvements.

Bug fixes

• The sound effect of storm damage is no longer premature.


• Banner icons – updated from 256 × 256 to 512 × 512

• Default type – 31 large graphical type updated

• Battle Royal – 17 major graphic types have been updated

• Console players can now access language options through the Settings menu.

• Players can now choose to set up the "Account" tab to drop players' polls.

• The updated lobby for the main menu will be just like the lobby of Royal Battle.

• We have made some initial collective adjustments to the new lobby with a plan to repeat over time and update the topic through the front.

Bug fixes

• Fixed videos that do not appear on the PS4.

• The question mark icon in the settings menu now completes the field completely.

The fortunate hunting rifle is overshadowed

The fortunate hunting rifle is overshadowed (Photo: Epic Games)


• We added an opportunity to cancel the new purchase to Fortnite Store!

• Immediately after making a new purchase, you will be able to return this subject for a limited amount of time until you remain on the purchase screen.

• After you return the purchase, it will reflect for using the Cancellate for the same item, but you will be able to return all other new purchases!

• If you choose to return the purchase, the ownership of that item will be revoked and the corresponding V-Bucks will be returned to you.

• The return will follow the same eligibility requirements, such as return requests.

• What can I use Doors?

• Items available for purchase with V-Bucks in the store of items

• Emotions

• Planners

• Collection tools

• Back Bling

• clothing

• Covers

• Music

• What can not be used for Doors?

• Limited time offers in the store such as Lava Legends Pack, Frozen Legends Pack and The Laguna Pack

• V-Bucks

• Gifting

• The battle passes

• Battle Tiers Pass

• Founder's package

• Upgrades to the founder of the package

• Llamas booty (save the world)

• Events and weekly items (save the world)

• Players in your team now have a stronger visual emphasis when they are actively talking.

• We no longer show the active voice indicators in the game for players in your team.

• We adjusted this to maintain the enhanced visibility of voice players provided by Active Voice Indicators, while at the same time facilitating them to get contextual information (for example, health status and shield) for the person speaking.

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