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"Endangered!" the champion previously broke a record on another game show

It seems "danger!" is not the first contestant in the game, James Holzhauser, who broke the record.

The 34-year-old previously appeared on "The Chase" in 2014, where he responded correctly to 12 questions, winning $ 60,000 and breaking the previous record of the show, according to TMZ. Not to mention Holchauer's victory was never at the top of the series after the gossip.

Fast forward to this day, the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, Neven, destroyed several records while competing on the "Jopard!"


In Tuesday's episode, Holchauer surpassed $ 1 million in the shortest possible time. His total of $ 118,816 put the total value of $ 1,061,554 million in 14 matches.

FILE - This file made by video and provided by Jeopardy Productions, Inc. shows

FILE – This file made by video and provided by Jeopardy Productions, Inc. shows "Jeopardy!" competitor James Holchauer for an episode aired on April 17, 2019. Holchauer has broken several entries for "Jopard!" but it's not the first time he did it on a game show.
(Jeopardy Productions, Inc. via AP)

Last Wednesday, he won the episode with a total of $ 131,127, at the top of the one-day record he set up earlier in $ 110,914.

Before Holchauer appeared, the one-day record was held by Roger Craig on September 19, 2010, when he took $ 77,000 in one game.

"JOPARDI!" The competitor sets a new record for receiving cash benefits

What was even more exciting was that Holchauer's first record prize, $ 110,914, had a special numerical meaning – it was his daughter's birthday. She was born on November 9, 2014 (September 11, 14).

"I said that all together I wanted to break the record of Roger Craig's player and I did it," Holchauer said.

Fox News "Jessica Napoli contributed to this report.

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