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"Empire" is renewed for season 6 But Yusi Smollet is out

Yusi Smollet

"Empire" returns back

… But Giusie is not

04/30/2015 14:45 PDT

Good news for Imperial fans … the show is coming back for season 6. The bad news for Yusi Smollet – he does not return.

Fox only issued the following statement … "By a joint agreement, the studio negotiated the continuation of Julius Smollet's option for season 6, but for now there are no plans for Jamal's character to return to the" Empire. ""

Yes … it sounds strange, that Fox wants to keep Juice hanging on each case, but that's the deal. It can be … Fox protects his bets, see what's happening in a civil case involving the city of Chicago sue the actor for the costs of the investigation. At the end of this case – Judy will be tried for allegedly falsifying the "assault". Maybe if he wins, Fox will reconsider.

As we announced, there was Jesse lunch meetings with "Imperia", and for a while seemed to be coming back, but now it seems that Jusi should find another employment.

Here's the loose end … by raising / expanding Julius' option, it seems they have to pay something for the deal. After all, he really could not accept another gig if he could return to the "Empire". So, did Jusi pay for not working on the show?

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