Tuesday , January 26 2021

Do not miss the beautiful "pink moon" this Friday

So, you missed the "Moon of the Super Blood Wolf" in January. And supermodel in March. There will be no other full moon eclipse until May 2021, but do not give up yet: Friday, you can catch a pink moon.

According to the Almanac of the Old Farmer, this year's Full Rosa Moon will peak at Friday 4.12.

Although the name suggests, the Pink Moon is not actually pink. It is simply the nickname given to the April full moon of the Indians, when the seasons were followed by the lunar calendar. "Pink moon" refers to pink ground, or "moss pink", early spring flowers. Other nicknames for this Good Friday full moon include Grass scattering, Moon moon and fish moon.

Although maybe it does not shine pink pastel pink from Instagram, the moon may appear yellow, orange or red depending on weather conditions, according to AccuWeather.

To get the best possible view, select a hill or skyscraper with a high, clear view and look west of the moonset in the early hours of Friday or the east of the moon later that same day. In San Francisco, the moon is at 6:58 am on Friday, and the moon is at 8:21 am.

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