Sunday , October 24 2021

Democratic governor who reflects on the presidential run in 2020, He confessed to the crime


John Hickenlooper, the governor of the state of Colorado, pardoned 23 people on Friday with a criminal record, bringing a total of 89 in the office, according to reports.

Letters of pardon for Democrats have been granted to those who have ended their sentences and become "members of their community," the governor said, according to the Denver Post.

Hundreds of people have filed for a pardon from the governor – we read in the report.

Hickenlooper, 66, was governor of the State of Colorado from January 2011. In January he will leave the office because state borders prevented him from applying for a third term.

Another democrat – 43-year-old Jared Polis, who was elected on Tuesday and will be the first governor – the governor of the state – will replace Hickenlooper.

The review of the petition pardoned by the governor takes into account data from various sources, including victims of crime, attorneys, judges and prosecutors, as reported by Denver & # 39; s Fox 31.

Drugs, theft and fraud were the most common crimes among people pardoned on Friday, the report said.

"The chances of obtaining a pardon largely depend on individual circumstances," H. H. Steinberg of Greenwood Village writes on his website in criminal cases. "The older and less serious the conviction, and the more convincing history of life, the greater the chance of forgiveness."

Hickenlooper said he plans to review around 475 petitions for a pardon before leaving the office, according to Fox 31.

Pardon allows convicts to be tried for the right to possess a firearm, as reported by the newspaper.

In October, when he was in a coffee shop in New Hampshire, Hickenlooper said he was "firmly" based on the presidential run.

"To be honest, I did not make the final decision, and if I say that I am absolutely going, there are all kinds of legal consequences," said Hickenlooper.

So far, he has already traveled to Iowa and founded a political committee, according to media reports.

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