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Democratic Debates over Update: 2020 Candidates Democrats today face presidential primary debate in Atlanta



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Ten Democrats will take the stage Wednesday night at the fifth presidential debate to be held in Atlanta. Will will co-host MSNBC and The Washington Post.

The debate comes less than 100 days after the first game of the Democratic primary season, Iowa lawmakers.

Look and CBSN for updates and analysis all day and all night before this crucial debate.

Which candidates qualified for the debate?

Stagee has two fewer candidates on the stage since October because former Secretary of Housing Julian Castro failed to qualify this time and former Texas Congressman Bettie O'Rourke has finished running for the White House.

Here are the 10 candidates that qualified to appear:

  1. Bido Biden, former vice president
  2. Corey Booker, a New Jersey senator
  3. Pete Boutigig, mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  4. Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Representative
  5. Kamala Harris, a senator from California
  6. Amy Clobuchar, a senator from Minnesota
  7. Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont
  8. Tom Steyer, businessman
  9. Elizabeth Warren, a senator from Massachusetts
  10. Andrew Young, Entrepreneur

The Democratic National Committee has increased the voting and donor criteria that candidates must meet to qualify for the November debate. Candidates could reach 3% in four national or early-state DNA-approved polls, or 5% in two early-state polls. They also had to prove they had 165,000 unique donors, including at least 600 in at least 20 states, territories of the United States or District of Columbia.

How to watch the 5th democratic debate

Warren will still have a goal on his back

Although slipped from the last democratic debate in the election, Elizabeth Warren will still have her back on Wednesday night, especially when it comes to her plan to implement Medicare for All.

Former Vice President Biden's campaign shattered Warren's $ 20.5 trillion plan to pay for the program as "mathematical gymnastics" earlier this month. To Warren's left on the issue, Senator Bernie Sanders has made a characteristic indirect attack on her three-year transition plan to Medicare for All, tweeting claim of the head of the nursing association that any irrigation of his plan is a mistake.

Asked by CBS News last week to differentiate her transition plan from the more modest "Medicare for All Who Want It" plan by Buttigheg, Warren said her plan "is actually about giving people Medicare for Everything to be Full Health Care". . Butigig's spokesman stepped down, saying that "unlike Senator Warren, he will not bring tens of millions of American families out of their private health care plans."

Senator Amy Clobuchar also clashed with Warren over the issue in the October scene, arguing that "Medicare for All" is impossible without middle-class tax collectors, arguing they were arguing in Warren's campaign.

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Four candidates call on Compost to investigate NBC / MSNBC

Two days before the fifth Democratic primary debate, hosted by MSNBC, four Democratic presidential candidates called on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to ask Compass, the MSNBC parent company, to commit an independent "toxic" investigation into the company. allowed sexual harassment and abuse of staff.

Senators Corey Coricker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren sent a letter Tuesday to DNA President Tom Perez, stepping up pressure on the party to reiterate its support for victims of sexual conduct.

"We, the signed candidates, are very concerned about the message it will send to survivors of sexual assault if our next debate is sponsored by MSNBC, with no clear obligations from Comcast, the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, to conduct an independent toxicology investigation which enabled the thugs and silenced the survivors, "wrote the hopes for 2020.

Despite the letter, Booker, Harris, Sanders and Warren will all take the stage on Wednesday night.

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All eyes will be on Buttigieg

Pete Boutigig in the spotlight ahead of the democratic debate

This is the first debate where the 37-year-old Butiggie is ready to be in focus, given his new position in Iowa and general growth in the early states. He will be among the other leaders – former Vice President Biden, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Don't be surprised if they call Butigieg's weak stance among black and Latino voters – two constituencies are needed to get the nomination.

And while polls show Democratic voters closely following impeachment hearings, they want their candidates to focus on the issues. And on Wednesday night, they, especially health care – and how to pay for it – plus the economy and climate change.

Democrats are holding the debate here in Georgia because it is a state they would like to win. But that did not go to Bill Clinton's 1992 Democratic presidential nomination.

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The first hearing since the beginning of the public administration impeachment hearing

Wednesday night marks the first Democratic debate since a House impeachment inquiry went public last week. The extent to which Democrats will focus on the investigation remains to be seen.

On Wednesday, US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sundland testified that he was not part of "any irregular or hostile diplomacy" and referred to an email indicating that the State Department leadership, the National Security Council and the White House had been informed of announcing the investigations in Ukraine demanded by Mr Trump for the 2016 election, the server of the Democratic National Committee and energy company Burizam, which employs Biden's son Hunter Biden.

If President Trump signs President Trump, half a dozen candidates running for president could be sidelined by a campaign for much of January in key final weeks ahead of the earliest voting contests. The ensuing Senate hearing requires the presence of all sitting senators, meaning that Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Clobuchar and Michael Bennett would be in Washington after the first of the year, if the hearing was held in the Senate. year.

Biden's campaign looks at the debate

Debate watchers can foresee three main tactics from Wednesday night's Biden campaign:

  • Make an argument about who has the experience and solid leadership to be the commander-in-chief;
  • promoting "progressive victories" in the Obama era;
  • and continued to oppose Biden's approach to health care with that of other rival Democrats.

Senior Biden campaign officials discussed the upcoming debate with reporters in the background.

On health care, Biden officials say it is clear with recent Democratic victories in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana that building access law is a way for Democrats to win.

Campaign officials have often cited Warren at the moment, pointing out that her plan would come out of mid-level checks.

Regarding polls showing Biden lagging behind Buttiger in Iowa, a senior campaign official said: "We are in a very good position."

– Bo Eriksson and Catherine Watson

Trump and the debate

There is no word on whether the president will attend tonight's Democratic debate, but his campaign will make his previously known presence in Atlanta a clear-read, "Socialist Democrats Will Destroy Jobs in Atlanta" and full-page constitutional ad The Atlanta Journal.

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