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CNN's Joe Biden City Hall: 4 downloads

He offered a contradictory view of Republicans, insisting they would be more prepared to work with Democrats after President Donald Trump leaves office – while telling a story about them, refusing to cooperate before Trump even becomes a GOP candidate.

Biden continued to characterize Warren as "angry" and "elitist", saying her health plan was driven by the belief that "people cannot make up their mind."

The former vice president also said he simply reacted after "she attacked me".

He was referring to Warren for rebelling against his opposition to "Medic for All", suggesting without naming the former vice president that he was running for the wrong presidency. Biden has been escalating his criticism of Warren over that comment in recent days. In a mid-week posting published last week, he wrote that Warren, without naming him, was "condemning" and "representative of elitism that middle-class workers and people do not share".

Biden said his criticism was not personal to Warren, and he went on to describe the stance he said was behind the push for a health care plan she supports.

This time imitating Medicare for all proponents, Biden said on Monday that what he calls an elitist is "the attitude we know better than ordinary people in their interests." I know more than you, let me tell you what to do ".

"The attitude is elitist that people cannot imagine their minds," Biden said.

"You like your health insurance," he said, then lowered his voice: "But you don't need your health insurance, you have to give it up. I'm going to ask you not to have it. We'll give you something better. ""

"It's not about her, it's about the relationship there – the attitude we know best, you do it my way."

He added: "I didn't agree with that. And I wasn't talking about her, I was talking about the attitude that if you disagree with me, get on the other side. "

Binding through grief

Biden's strongest connections to the campaign trail often come in the wake of the tragedies she faces – and hearing about the deep losses of others.

Asked what it meant for people to be comforted to share some of their deep personal tragedies with him, Biden said: "Well, you know, I have – a lot of people have suffered more than I have at a loss, and I was really – it sounds bizarre to say – lucky in the sense that I had an amazing family. "

Biden's wife and newborn daughter died in a 1972 car accident and his sons were injured. His son, Beau, died of brain cancer four years ago.

He went on to explain how his family grew stronger to help him raise their children.

"When you are recipient of someone's understanding and empathy, you understand how it can help and it is simply impossible, although sometimes it is difficult not to share with others. When people come to me often, as you have noticed, they are going to come out and go to me and all of a sudden a man or woman will just grab me and hug me and say: & # 39; I just lost my son, lost my daughter, tell me, will I be okay? # 39; "

Biden said the best way to overcome tragedy is to find purpose in life.

"Aim. And the goal is to make the best use of it when it comes to something that has to do with the care of the person you lost, "he said.

He went on: "The time is coming, if any of you go through it, when the thought of the person you lost will bring a smile to your lips before bringing tears to your eyes. That's when you know that you can go. This is when you know. But it is difficult. It's hard. It gives me some – it gives me a sense of purpose when I can help them. "

Contradiction is assumed by the GOP

Biden repeated a belief he often voiced during the campaign: that Republicans would be more prepared to work with Democrats if President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

But he also offered a contradictory example – one that showed, as Biden's Democratic rivals often pointed out, GOP lawmakers refused to work well with Democrats before Trump became party leader.

Biden referred to then-President Barack Obama's nomination for Merrill Garland to the Supreme Court in March 2016. Senate Republicans have declined to discuss Garland.

"I called 12 Republicans and said, & # 39; What are you doing? & # 39; "Biden said. "I said, & # 39; You understand what you're doing with the Constitution? & # 39; They said, "We know, Yeah, but here's the deal: oeo, I'm in a situation where if, in fact, the Koch brothers fell by $ 10, 12 million, I would lose the primary." "

Garland was nominated to fill the vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia's death. Trump was elected later that year.

However, Biden said: "I sincerely believe in God, with Trump out of the way, you will find people who use much more courage than they used to say: 'Well, well, I can move now, I can more time ”.

Biden did not explain why, if Republicans argued with Trump over concerns that they would anger their conservative base, they would be more willing to work with Democrats after his departure.

That missing link is part of what Biden's opponents have used against him: While he argues for a return to normalcy before Trump, his Democratic rivals – including Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttig , who complain about the "old normal" – say the era didn't work for progressives either.

There is no impression policy

Biden expressed no concern Monday about a potential election response, saying an impeachment action against Trump could help convince independents and Republicans to oppose the president.

Asked whether the impeachment procedure will help or harm Democrats in the 2020 election, Biden responded that – whatever the political outcome – Trump's actions left the House of Representatives with no choice but to proceed.

“The home has no option. It has to implement the constitution, whether or not – whether or not – it turns out it works or doesn't work, or whether it comes out or doesn't come out that it should or should not be thrown out of office, "he said.

Biden added that if the Democrats make a serious case that Trump violated his oath, "you will find that those areas that are independent and Republican districts are saying that, hey, we had to do something, we had to do something."

"It will change the attitude. Let's see where the facts lead us, "Biden said. He added: "My job is just to go and beat him."

Veronica Rocha contributed to this report.

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