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Chris Hardwick calls BS to a podcast lawsuit, Patent Affiliate owes millions to him

Chris Hardwick

Called BS on a lawsuit podcast $ 606K

You owe millions of billion!

16.03.2015 19:05 PDT


21:20 PT – Hardwick lawyer just fired from Cadence13, telling us "Cadence13 is the only party in violation – the company owes him $ 3 million Chris – and filing this complaint is their last ditch, a desperate attempt to try to avoid fulfilling their obligations to him pay. "

Chris's lawyer continues: "The truth is that Chris has released more than 30 podcast podcasts in October 2018 and has not been paid a couple, while Cadence13 has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue during that period."

In an interesting twist … The lawyer at Hardwick says: "There is an extraordinary irony in the fact that the law firm representing C13 in this action is the one that conducted a comprehensive investigation and released Chris from unfounded allegations (of emotional and sexual abuse) reference in filing . "

"Chris and his team will take all the appropriate steps to return millions of dollars that C13 owes to the deal."

Chris Hardwick is accused of withdrawing from a weekly podcast contract and failed to repay the remainder of the $ 1 million cash warrant … this under the new lawsuit.

In legal documents, obtained from TMZ, Cadence13's podcast claims that Chris signed a two-year contract in early 2018 to create four podcasts a month … but the company claims that Chris has stopped making new episodes in June last year after the actress blamed him for emotional and sexual abuse.

As we announced … the former girlfriend of Chris, Chloe Dykstra, accused him sexual and emotional abuse during their relationship. Hardwick denied the accusations.

In the suit, Chris's podcast-partner claims he has paid $ 1 million in advance, but claims he still does not pay the full amount after he breaks his weekly podcast "ID10T".

According to documents, Cadence13 says he has received about $ 394,000 in advertising revenue – but they still go after him for the remaining $ 606,000.

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