Saturday , January 16 2021

China stock markets are rising in 2019

Meanwhile, Beijing appears to be close to a strike on a trade deal with Washington after a series of penalty charges that hit the two economic giants on each other in 2018.

Chinese negotiators brought unprecedented proposals for forced technology transfers, a stone for talks in the talks, Reuters reported in late March. But US Treasury Secretary Stephen Monchin said on Monday that the two sides still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Investors are increasingly optimistic that an agreement can be reached between the two economic forces that will end their long-standing trade struggle.

Looking ahead, a strategist said economic figures and corporate feelings need to be improved over the next six months or so.

"We began to see investors in China feel a little more optimistic, but they were busy trying to take their money back after a terrible year in 2018, so the money is not at work at this time." Tai Hai, Asia's chief market strategist, Pacific at JP Morgan Asset Management, for SNBC "Street Signs" on Wednesday.

"I think the data, both in the economy and in the corporate sector, will be quite important to convince investors in China to return to the market. And that could be a key topic for the second and third quarter of 2019 for Chinese actions. "

– Yen N.E. Lee and Fred Imber of CNBC contributed to this report.

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