Sunday , January 17 2021

Carlos Dunlap, reinforcing the Seahors, hurried to pass and “pass his life”

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Prior to the arrival of Carlos Dunlap in trade from the Cincinnati Bengals last month, the Seattle Seahawks managed only 12 bags during the first seven games of the season.

Since the acquisition of Danlap, the Seahors have 13 bags in the last three games alone with Danlap in the lineup.

“Yes, well, let me say the obvious. “Obviously he had an impact,” head coach Pete Carroll said on Tuesday. “He takes the pile back, returns the solution and creates ribbons for other guys, so he contributes to the other guys’ rush. “We just took a step forward with the way we do things and it helped our guys.”

Danlap has already collected 3.5 bags and leads all the defensive players in the team in bags, leaving only 5.5 bags of safety Jamal Adams. The Seahors also put together their best two defensive performances of the season in the last two games against the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals, as Dunlap served as a catalyst for the improved effort.

The return of Adams healthy after an absence of three games due to a groin injury also helps. As Rashim Green returned to the rotation after missing six games due to a sting, he also strengthened the depth and versatility of the team up front. But it’s hard to look anywhere but Danlap’s presence as a milestone for the group.

Leading by seven in the final minutes of Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals, Dunlap defeated Calvin Bichum’s bag for Keiler Murray in fourth place to secure the win. Seattle was in the bottom quarter of the league in terms of bag in the first eight weeks of the year. They are now tied for 11th with 25 bags by the Cardinals and the New York giant.

“They said I was coming here to save the hurry, but I see we are becoming healthy guys and all these guys are getting bags. It’s not like I got it all [13]”Danlap said after the match on Thursday night.

“You know, this team is very exciting. I’m happy to be a part of it and I can not tell you. You know more ways than none, I can not go into much detail, but I say it is super surreal, refreshing. “I feel lighter, rejuvenated.”

That enthusiasm was contagious to the Sikhs as well.

“He has time in his life,” Carroll said. “He has an explosion. He is optimistic and in good spirits and has fun with it and is more than ready to do anything, work and go to the gym and get reps. I mean, all that. He exercises really well. Got a really nice person who is fun. He has a good time, so if you are not, if you have not been around him, you know, when you go around him, you will see. He has a good spirit and his attitude is great because he has a lot of fun. “It’s different from what he had around him.”

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