Friday , April 16 2021

Cards take Murray 1, weighs Rosen's options

TEMPLE, Arizona – Cliff Kingsbury got his boyfriend.

Cardinals from Arizona chose Clive Murray of Oklahoma with the first full choice in the NFL draft on Thursday, bringing Murray together with Kingsbury, who unsuccessfully recruited the winner of Heisman Trophy at Texas Tech, while he was an offensive coordinator there.

"I can not wait," Murray said. "I had a relationship, because I was 15 years old, it's something we've been talking about for a long time, it's been a long time for God to work in mysterious ways, now for me to play for him, a surreal feeling."

Kingsbury said he was "apparently excited" to finally join Murray, for whom he first began recruiting when Murray was in high school on Tuesday.

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The next line of business for the Cardinals is to decide what to do with Josh Rosen, their first round of selection and their starting defender in 2018. They did not trade before preparing Murray, adding fuel to speculation that they could keep both on the list through organized team activities, a mini-runner and, potentially, a training camp.

General Manager Steve Came said he had received trade calls for Rosen, but nobody was "significant enough" for Arizona to consider parting ways with Rosen, due to the depth it gives in the defense circle.

Cammie also said he is not worried that the Cardinals' influence on Rosen's promotion was diminished after teams such as New York Jianthi and Washington Redskins, whom the two were reportedly interested in trading with Rosen, prepared a quarter-final. Another team, reportedly on the market for a defensive player, Dolphins in Miami, "are investigating all avenues" when it comes to Rosen, defender GM Chris Greer said on Thursday night.



Killer Murray says he is excited to play for Cliff Kingsbury and be used in the Cardinal's violation.

"The bottom line is, Josh is really a good footballer," said Kaym. "We will not succeed in business just letting the good players get out of here. I think that one thing that we all have to keep in mind, and we certainly did our research in the past three years 19 Starting from the quarter-finals, they missed At least from these 19 beginnings, 14 of these teams missed the playoffs, which for me is a direct correlation with having no backups, I do not have a good player in terms of depth. I really look at it, the guys who were injured missed an average of 4.6 games per game injury.

"I have a personal stake in the fact that I remember in 2014, when we entered the playoffs with our third row coach, you can not have enough depth, we have constantly talked about it, these needs can be changed to that position , but we know that we have a very good player here in Josh Rossen. "

However, it is Murray, who is considered a cardinal for the future, although Kingsbie said he will not discuss who will be the first team defender.

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"We are working through it," Kingsbury said.

Murray knows Kingsbury of his sophomore year at Alan High School in Texas when Kingsbury began recruiting to Texas A & M. Kingsbury took over the coaching work in Texas Techwood next year and continued to engage Murray, but without success. However, their relationship remained strong.

"He always loved me, and I respect that," Murray told Kingsbury at the NFL Scout Complex in February. "I have never taken this for granted, he is always someone I can go, if I ever need something, as I said, it would be fun.

The move from Thursday to draft Murray was expected for months.

He was first linked to Arizona shortly after Cardinals hired Kingsbury on January 8. The video reappeared since October in Kingsbury, when he was still head coach in Texas Teec, saying that if he had the first winner, he would take Murray. The comment was made in the lead up to the tennis game against Oklahoma. After the event, Kingsbury, who was fired by Texas Tech in six seasons in November, found herself with the first complete choice.

"I did not know what to think, honestly," said Murray. "I really do not remember when, but I was a little in the air of what I was doing, so I thought, as I said, God is working in mysterious ways, and I chose to play football and coach Kingsbury gets the job with Arizona for years we have that relationship, it's crazy to think that I'm being trained now. "

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Murray was the first choice of Auckland athletics in 2018, but after deciding to play football instead of baseball, he signed with Kingsburney's agent, Erik Burkhardt of "Choose Sport".

However, the conversation about Murray with the cardinals was heated in the mill.

Murray met with the Cardinals there, and then visited the top 30 visit to Arizona on April 10.

Last season, while leading Soounners in the semi-finals of the playoffs, Murray won 5.362 yards from a standstill. He finished 69 percent of his passes for 4,361 meters and 42 touchdowns against seven runs. He also ran for 1,001 meters and 12 touchdowns.

"I have been doing this for more than 20 years," said Kaym. "I've seen guys throwing him like that, I've seen guys who can run like him, but I can tell you that I have not seen anyone who can make a combination that brings him to the table. Let's throw football with the timing, the accuracy and touch and if we can run football, expand players and create as we get out of our pocket, we are very excited about Kyler, he is a fantastic player.

"Again, in the end, our goal was to take a player who will improve this organization and give us the greatest chance of succeeding in moving ahead, and that was Kiel Marey."

Camerom said Murray's decision was "very easy", especially after seeing the tape from him. At first, Came said: "He did not want to study Murray and not fall in love with him." But Came did not succeed. On Murray's multiple ribbon he studied, the more he liked – and loved him – that showed Caymay that Murray was "the right person" for Arizona.

Murray is the 22nd winner of the Haisman's trophy that will be played first, and the second in as many seasons as Sohers KB KB Mayfield went to Cleveland in 2018.

Murray of 5 meters-10 will run the version of Air Raid at Kensbury, a scheme that gained experience in Oklahoma.

"He was the funniest man I saw on the tape," said Came. "If I wrote" wow "100 times, it probably was not enough. It was amazing things that he did on the tape.

"In this day and age, you need to be able to extend your legs and play them out of your pocket, and I'm surely tired of facing a boy who has similar skills over and over, and unfortunately, usually the loss end of that, "he said, referring to Seattle's defense player, Russell Wilson. "Now we have a man who can be a weapon with his legs, his hand and he is not just a runner." He is a player who seems to throw first, has a tremendous precision, you talk about the height that is harmful. "If you do not do your homework, this draft has a 6-meter-5", which had 12 balls.

In combining, Murray said he would be "very pleasant" with an attack on Kensbury due to their history and relationship. Murray also said his Kingsbury-related idea "would be nice".

However, over the past three months, the Cardinals have expressed their support to Rosen as their defender. In early February, Kingsbury said Rosen was "our boy". At the plant, General Manager Steve Came said Rosen was the "quartet" of the Cardinals "right now, surely". And at the owners' meetings in late March, Kingsbury said Rosen "no doubt" responded to his air raid and added that there were many "misconceptions" about Rosen and the Cardinals.

However, Thursday's move to the Murray bill puts everyone under question.

Kingsbury talked with Rosen on the phone before preparing Murray in the first round on Thursday. After initially declining to discuss the content and nature of the call, Kingsbury said the conversation was "good".

"That's what it is," Kingsbury said. "A tough business, he understands it, but his professionalism is remarkable throughout the work, and today it was not different. Do not expect it to be different when he returns."

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