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Camilla Cabello reveals tour dates and release date for new album, Romance

A great day for the Camillians, or Camilla Cable fans. The 22-year-old finally shared the release date for her much-awaited new album, Romance. Her sophomore album comes just one year after her self-titled debut album, Camilla, and the fans couldn't be more excited. Taking to her Instagram page, singer Havana has expressed excitement over the album and shared some important information with her 43.1 million followers.

Camilla Cable in Paris France ahead of new album release
Camilla Cable | Photo by Christian Wierig / GH Images

Camilla Cable announces new details for Instagram album

On November 13, 2019, Cabello shared all the details of her new album. Sharing as the title of the album, on her Instagram page, the song has a dramatic red gown as couples in the background engage in romantic pursuits. Although the singer is in great focus, those in the background look as if they can be colored, giving the album a slight Renaissance cover.

Album release date

In the title, Cabello revealed what her fans were expecting from the new album. Although she did not share what they might expect from the sound, she said she wanted to capture the feeling of falling. "I can't believe this is happening. Romance. December 6th. I just wanted this album to sound like it was falling into place, pretty much impossible to do, but I can say that I gave everything I had, "the singer" Senorita "shared.

Writing songs was a challenge

Cable continued to share how difficult it was to write an album. She shared that she went through a huge number of emotions in order to produce a work she was proud of. "I've never lived such a life as I wrote this album. It was messy and beautiful, unforgettable and at times so painful that I wanted to forget, it was extremely wasteful and impossible not to lose, it was mine … and now it's yours, "admits the 22-year-old.

Cable has released its new single, Living proof

The singer then surprised fans and informed them that the new album would be available for pre-order on Friday, November 15, 2019, and that is when she will release her next single titled Living Proof. "I hope you like it as much as I wanted to live it. You can prepare the album this Friday and have a new song proof live proof that comes out to order this Friday as one of the first and one of my favorite songs I wrote for the album. WHOAH. Gluttonous, ”Cable wrote.

Romantic Tour (2020)

But there was more to where it came from. Cable was also confident that he would share a tour with the new album. Cableo's biggest fans are already eligible to apply for the North American match of her tour. Although it has not yet announced the international dates for the Romanian 2020 tour, it has promised to announce more in the coming months. "Oh, MY BOTH TO YOU !!!!! North America, Confirmed fan reports for #TheRomanceTour are happening right now !! Magic is magic, I can't wait. More dates are coming. #RomanceIsComing ”, sings the singer.

Fans react to the news

Of course, Cable fans were around the moon about the announcement. "Christmas is really early," wrote one Instagram fan. "Ahhhh, I'm so excited and I'm just happy and proud of you, I can't even explain it," another said. After investing so much, we hope that the answer is everything to look forward to.

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