Friday , April 16 2021

Britt McHenry: The new 49er Nick Boza busy with Trump's destruction syndrome

Angry social media bloggers attack Nick Boss, an extremely talented defender of the state of Ohio, prepared on Thursday by San Francisco 49ers, as he is a sigh, a conservative supporter who supports President Trump.

How dare!

Ironically, some of the same people who criticized the 49 for rejection of leftist criminal Colin Caypernick after they started kneeling at the start of the games while the national anthem was playing, now complain that the team did not reject Bosa for his right – Political beliefs .


As the second overall choice of this year's NFL draft, Bossa should celebrate the start of her professional football career. Unless he decides to run for an election function or take political work or focus on public policy, his views on President Trump should be irrelevant.

The 49, based in the most liberal city in America, apparently did not choose Bosa for his policies.

The 49, based in the most liberal city in America, apparently did not choose Bosa for his policies. The soccer team took him because he is one of the best young players around. It looks like an obvious reason each team should use to decide on a draft choice.

You will think that most 49ers fans will worry about even more important issues for the bay area, such as uncontrolled homelessness. Health workers say about 10,000 people live homeless on the streets – a figure almost 72 percent higher than the federal level in 2010.

Instead, Trump's harrows worry about their fury around the player who had nerves to send positive tweets to the neatly elected US president, along with some negative tweets that are considered politically incorrect.

Once I encompassed football as a reporter, I first saw Bos's tweets a few years ago, when he got dragged among national reconnaissance circles.

In a world where people do nothing better to dig up tweets or other opinions on the social networks of athletes who return to their early teens, the reaction of Boss who exercises his rights to freedom of speech under the First Amendment was long time.

Bossa and his advisers clearly expect a reaction when preparing for the draft. Boss wiped out numerous tweets in which Kaypernick called him a clown, Beyonce's "Complete Garbage" and "Black Panther" on "Marvel's Worst Movie".

These comments may be relevant if Bossa is seeking employment as a sports commentator, or film or music critic. But he is not.

Give Boss a loan to show courage at least. Only a trusted man would dare to upset Bey-hive's members (as Beyoncé fans are called), one of the most militant fan bases on the Internet.

But Bos's opinions about music and films are not the primary reason for the social media outrage that surrounds him. His publicly expressed faith in Trump, along with his "passion" and tracking conservative commentators on social media, is what drove left walnuts.

After all, saying something positive about President Trump is an important sin for the country's progressive faction.

However, these fans are perfectly in line with the protests of national anthems spreading from Kaepernik to other players across the league to protest what they consider to be police brutality.

In the end, this is nonsense – a white noise that Bosa will adjust. And every time they make a sack or a force, those crippling fanatics are desperate for more than four victories will cheer for him.

More importantly, several of his team-mates, including Solomon Thomas, Kwon Alexander and DeForest Bakner, welcomed Boss with open-ended virtual weapons on social media Thursday night.

It is absurd for anyone to think that Bossa, the white man who spent the better three seasons in the dressing room of the top collegial program, will not be able to meet with African-American teammates simply because of his political views.


Welcome to 2019. Many of us disagree with each other in the current political climate, but we still manage to get on time and work. And there are other political differences in families, but they did not cause a big jump in the rate of divorce.

At least, Bossa will attract new fans when playing in the Midwest and the South. If – or most likely – when – President Trump gives the Boss an apology, we can take popcorn and have fun with another explosion of social media driven by Trump's Destruction Syndrome.


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