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Battle for the bikini bottom – rehydrated Revealed

THQ Nordic had a little surprise today revealing that they were releasing Children's TV: Battle for bikinis from the bottom – rehydrated. One of the three games that were supposed to be revealed in E3, but unfortunately had to announce today that they will not be at the convention now, they announced the news their account on Twitter. The game does not have an appropriate release date, but Steam presently lists how (When) I'm ready, which is ridiculous. The game was originally released clearly back in 2003, and received some pretty decent results as it introduced the world's fans to a children's TV square in the 3D world for the first time. But 2003 was not what we would call a great year for graphics, so seeing the pictures and trailer below (with the help of the Austrian investor Purple Lamp) making a repair is unbelievable. We will not see her embarrassment in E3 this year, but based on the footage that we see here, this will basically be a pleasure to the lovers of childhood. Enjoy the images, the description from THQ Nordic and the trailer below.

Children's TV: Bikini Battle from the bottom - Rehydrated Discovered
credit // THQ Nordic

Are you ready, kids? Cult classic is back, faithfully grown into a spongetastic shine! Play as SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy and show Evil Plankton that crime pays even less than Mr. Krabs. Want to save the bikini bottom of a lot of uncontrolled robots? Of course you do! Want to rely on the band jumping? Why not? Want to join forces in a new multiplayer mode? The battle is on!

Children's TV: Bikini Battle from the bottom - Rehydrated Discovered
credit // THQ Nordic

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