Sunday , June 13 2021

Batkid declared free of cancer five years after "saving" San Francisco

San Francisco, California (CBS news) – Miles Scott was fighting leukemia when he dressed as a five-year-old Batkid to fight the Penguin and Riddler in front of a crowd of thousands of people in San Francisco. He defeated these villains on this day, and five years later he also defeated the cancer.

"He was in remission for five years, so he is considered free of cancer!" Said Jen Wilson, marketing director at Make-A-Wish in the Greater Bay Area. Scott had a fight with leukemia since he was one year old.

"Miles has returned to the role of a typical kid – he played in Little League, goes to school, helps his family farm, and even sells his first goat at local markets!" Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area said on its website. "Now 10 years and fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics."

In 2013, Scott asked Make-A-Wish if he could be Batdy and they released. The city was transformed into Gotham, with a small hero meeting with the police to "fight crime". Batkid freed the San Francisco Giants mascot of Lou Seal and won the key to the city when thousands of people gathered on the streets to cheer on him.

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