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At $ 18,700, can this 1977 Ford Mustang II prove an electrification deal?


With debut on Mach-E which takes the Mustang brand in unknown directions, now not a good time to look back on another pony that missed the tradition. Today Nice price or crack pipe Mustang II represents it most popular releases – at least so far. Let's see if that and its price are really bad.

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MeIn case you just woke up from a coma – welcome back! – You probably know this week Ford introduced a new Mustang. Not only that, they introduced a new Mustang, one called the Mach-E, which is not a pony car but a five-door electric hatchback. The Putists Tighten the Blue Oval Pgears the introduction and debate of the car raged in the days following whether this competitor of the Tesla Model Y could actually wear a Mustang mystique.

Here are the short and the weak of all that is: all car manufacturers have to come up with full electronics and the best place to start is the high-end line model where profits are most dense. Mach-E's crossover targeting the center of the most lucrative category on the market, and Mustang's appointment gives the capital right next door to a new name. Everything is very frugal by Ford.

Will Mach-E be a hit? It's hard to say the car is just a few inches in almost every direction of the upcoming Telsa Model Y, and that brand is even greater brand ownership within the target audience than Ford or Mustang.

If Mach-E fails, it won't be the first time Mustang misses the mark. Back in the early 1970s, car manufacturers in the US have faced a frightening double terrible league with requirements for both safer and more efficient fuel products.

Mustang debuted in April 1964 and rode on a platform that was rooted even earlier Falcon. B.y dawn on the next decade, grew up even bigger and more bloated. Something that needed to change and that eventual change was so dramatic that the new car, which arrived for the 1974 model year, it was called Mustang II. Unfortunately there was no issue of Electric Boogaloo.

Mustang II switched the model from Falcon's mid-sized platform – which went on under Maverick – to that of Pinto's recently debuted and clean sheet. This new 'Sting' represented a number of firsts for the line: first the rack and pin, the first available four-cylinder engine, the first Mustang hatchback, and the first to offer no convertible between them.

Here's the thing, none of this has worked. While the Mustang II was much more efficient in space and modern, it lacked the older car you're in sais quoi—It wasn't a real pony car.

That may not have been fair to both Mustang and his designers, since the car actually marked a return to the original Mustang size and still offered the V8 option, simply doing so.

Okay, so Mustang II, much like Edsel before, might not have been one of Ford's highlights. That does not mean that, like Edsel, they are not interesting and desirable today. A.and the microcosm of the 70's retro-is this 1977 Mustang Second Coupe is almost as entertaining as they come.

Astonishingly, this orange time is above shame more orange, a semi-landau fitted coupe is offered at Hemings. Obviously the condition guarantees that. The color – a tangerine orange with white stripes on the nose and tail – looks to be the highest. There is a noticeable fading when comparing the exterior to what is sprayed under the lid, but not bad at all. Some glues with glue reduce the vinyl top, but it seems easy to overlook.

The interior is… well, incredible. The upholstery is a blend of vinyl and fabric with the latter being one of the most aggressive plaid patterns imaginable. After the rear wheel drive tree and the shift knob the other tactile surfaces are dressed up and complement the standard fake dash tree. The only problem here is really what seems to be a certain change in the color of the door and the passenger frame. I'm not sure, though, whether it's just noise in the pictures or not.

The mechanisms are just as interesting as that crazy interior. This Mustang rocks a 2.8-liter Cologne V6 and a four-speed stick. With fuel injection, German-built six made a reasonable 158 horsepower in their homeland. Here, in carburetted form with 2 barrels for states, it did … Um, 93 horses.

The car is described in its ad as excellent, and comes with a clean title and just 38,000 miles on the clock.

What is the price for this machine during the disco era? The question is $ 18,700 before you even hurry up crazy smeared in on Button crack repeatedly, take a moment to browse the Mustang II market. Being unwelcome for so long, many of these cars made their way to the great coral in the sky and it has left less and less to meet demand. Many have given up on suspensions and operate the industrial complex of car kits.

This is an example of race, and while it may not be the greatest Mustang that ever lived, it is certainly representative of some of the rich history of the brand. With the new history being made at the moment with the introduction of Mach-E Maybe it's time for II to shine too? Do you think this classic Mustang II is worth asking $ 18,700? Or is the price so crazy as to call a Mustang electric crossover?

You decide!

Hamings outside of Houston, Texas or go here if the ad disappears.

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