Saturday , June 12 2021

Aron Rogers gets blast from his brother after announcing $ 1 million for wildfire in California

A family drama involving Aaron Rogers is nothing new, nor is it publicly aired. But Rodgers' family tensions again raised their ugly head on Wednesday and did so in a very unexpected way.

The Packers Quarter, which was raised in Chicago, California, shared a video message on Twitter Wednesday announcing it would donate $ 1 million to help North Carolina efforts ahead of deadly forest fires that shot thousands of hectares and homes and killed over 70 people.

Rogers also urged others to join him in his support, even if that means just sharing a video, as the State Farm will give $ 1 for each retweet (up to $ 1 million) per post.

If it was a nice gesture for a community in a desperate need of support at the moment, and from Wednesday afternoon, the post had over 34,000 retweets.

But despite the large amount of money promised to help with the effort, the position apparently did not fit well with the younger brother of Rogers, Jordan, who responded to his own message in response.

Yikes. It surely escalated quickly.

Aaron's departure from his immediate family was subject to the headlines for some time, and it was particularly prominent as Jordan – a former QB College in Vanderbilt – competed in the 12th season of the "Diploma".

This may be the most ridiculous fraud it has ever received, at least publicly. Calling Aaron's "act" message, especially in the context of the situation, is a rather serious accusation to level against him.

It is probably safe to assume that this year together will not be spent together.

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