Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Apple prepares to build 'next generation of media applications for Windows'

Apple is hunting software engineers to help the company build media applications for Windows. IPhone maker unveiled its plans in a job listing earlier this month, spotted by Novin, inviting potential candidates to "join us and build the next generation of Windows media applications."

Apple maintains existing Windows applications such as iTunes and iCloud, but these are also traditional desktop applications that show their age. Apple earlier this year revealed it is spoiling iTunes in three separate macros applications: Podcasts, TV and Music. None of these applications arrived on Windows, leaving users with a computer with only iTunes. If you're a subscriber to Apple Music or Apple TV Plus, you should now use web versions instead of dedicated Windows 10 apps.

Apple's job listing mentions "the experience with UWP is a big plus," indicating that the company is looking to build a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of its media applications for Windows 10. This may help Apple to has brought applications to both Windows 10 and Xbox One, which is especially important for Apple TV Plus, as there is currently no way to view content from that Xbox One service.

It's not clear when these new media apps for Windows will arrive, but the fact that Apple is investing in Windows 10 is good news for Surface or Windows tablet owners who will benefit from new apps that are in touch with Apple's services.

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