Monday , September 21 2020

Apple has announced the drivers of the Boot Camp Assistant for the 16-inch MacBook Pro


Apple today announced new Boot Camp Assistant drivers for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. These drivers are required to install and run Windows on Macs.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro was released last week with improved specs, but some users noticed a specific issue with their laptop. Several reports in Apple's support forum mention that users have not been able to continue installing Windows on their new MacBook.

A Boot Camp assistant warned that drivers were not available for this particular Mac model. With Boot Camp, users can install Windows on another partition of Mac internal storage to switch between macOS and Microsoft's operating system.

Correct drivers are needed for the processor, GPU, USB connections and other computer components to be recognized by the system.

For those who had trouble setting up Boot Camp on a 16-inch MacBook Pro, just try the same process again to get the latest drivers compatible with your new laptop.

Have you been affected by this problem? Let them know in the comments below.

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