Saturday , September 19 2020

Another of Alberto Salazar's racers says he has been collecting his body for years


Fodder Begley has suggested working with Christa Austin, a top nutrition physiologist who has worked with other US Olympians. Salazar agreed, but gave Austin only two weeks to make progress.

In interview this weekAusten said it was a tight timeframe, but Hoder Begley quickly improved. Austin reduced the calorie intake of Hodder Begley and set up a nutrition plan. At pounds dropped.

In a few months, Hodder Begley set his own personal record of 5,000 meters, falling below 15 minutes.

Despite the improvement, Hodder Begley said, Salazar continued to express skepticism about Austen's work and comment on how much Hodder Begley ate whenever she had super training. Slow weather was making comments about her legs and back, she said, or sending her a heavyweight.

Then, after some intense speed training, Hodder Begley's injuries returned, culminating in Achilles surgery in the summer of 2010.

The next year, she had another Achilles tendon, a new pain that was compounded by boring injuries to her hip and foot.

After she finished sixth at the 2011 national track and field championships, Salazar told her she had "the biggest butt on the starting line" and had her removed from the team. At the time, she said, she weighed 112 pounds. Her body composition was comparable to what she was when she finished sixth in the world in 2009.

It didn't matter. Nike cut funding to Hodder Begley and cut it in 2012. Her career as an elite wheeler ended, her body and spirit broken more than two years after her best performances.

"It's been an incredible year with the Oregon project, but at what cost?" Said Guccher.

Now Hodder Begley is focused on how he can benefit from the experience. "My hope is that by being able to learn how we can talk about these topics," she said. "We need to find a way."

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