Sunday , October 24 2021

Alabama fan dies in the hospital after he was defeated in battle for the Louisiana bars


Sad messages to forward.

According to reports by WBRZ and LawyerAlabama fan club Robert Bowers left the University Medical Center on Tuesday after being beaten at the bar on Sunday morning at the Tangipahoa parish. It is believed that fans of Bowers from Alabama started a verbal argument that led to the fight, although the police have not yet confirmed this detail.

The report states that the police were called to the Ponchatoula Pub early on Sunday morning about the fight against injuries. The police say Bowers suffered serious injuries after he was unconscious by two men. The volunteer firefighter reportedly provided medical assistance until an ambulance appeared to take Bowers to the North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond. He was later transferred to the University Medical Center.

Two men, 27-year-old Azia Crockett and 24-year-old Ryan Anthony, went to the police and were arrested and prosecuted for manslaughter in connection with Bowers' death. The fight apparently began after Bowers' niece was led out of the bar by the goalkeeper.

"Anthony hit Bowers on the head, knocked him unconscious," said Ponchatoula police chief Bry Layrisson. "He went to earth, and Azia Crockett hit him several times."

Bowers was 46 years old.

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