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"Aggressive" fans, officers break the arena in the fight against Miami Heat

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From Elisha Fulstadt

Two police officers trying to calm the man by hand in the Miami Heat event on Wednesday night ended in the ground and fell at least four rows as they tried to get him out of his seat.

Adena Mato, 23, was in a game against Chicago Bulls at the American Arians Arena when she began to argue with people sitting around him and "behaving aggressively," according to an arrest statement.

A Miami Policeman approached him, tried to calm him and find out what was going on, but Mato continued to shout, the report said. The officer noted that Mato "had a strong smell of alcoholic drink in his breath, and that he had an awkward speech while shouting in Spanish," according to the police.

When another officer arrived, Mato began to "become louder and shake his hands and take a stand for battle," so the two officers tried to take him out of the arena, according to a certified statement of arrest.

Adrenan Mato dropped a few rows at the stadiums after he rejected the Miami Heat basketball game on January 30, 2019.

Instead, Mato withdrew and fought with the police. Fans quickly moved to avoid them as they rolled in the ranks, showed a video from Instagram.

When Mato and the police stopped, he continued to fight and tried to hit one of the policemen and stab the other in the stomach, police said. The policemen eventually fought Mato on the ground and had to take him away from the property as he hit his feet, according to the arrest report.

Mato was charged with a battery of a policeman, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly conduct and miscarriage, according to prison records. He is on a $ 11,000 bond at William Gillford's Repair Center.

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