Monday , September 21 2020

A game that fulfills the ultimate fantasy of saying no to everything


I have a very bad habit: to say yes, when I really want to say no. It comes with being an introvert, I think – I often feel like myself was supposed to I mean yes to social outings, so do I. Then I'm sorry. Many people have this habit, it seems; there are many tutorials on the Internet on how to say no.

Say no! More is not a guideline to say no. Instead, it's a challenge and a fantasy – a game from developer Studio Hizbin that lets you say no to anything and everything. In Say no! More, you play as an intern in a "company run by arrogant people", and the word "No" is banished.

You discover a self-help bar called Say no! Moreand the rest is history: No, I won't make your coffee! No, I will not copy those papers. No, I will not stop running. No! No! NO! It's a "one-button" game, obviously, and leads to a more complicated decision: Say no to your best friend.

Hizbin Studio has published an ad guide with the ad and definitely appeared Nutty Goose Game I feel This can also be a powerful fantasy when you can cause trouble, except for honor, you have a great work.

Say no! More will come on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices in 2020.

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