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2020, Toyota Toyota Supra ousted by police, the officer is a BMW man

As we've talked about on many occasions, the Internet is keeping an eye on the Toyota Toyota Supra in 2020, but not everyone is working to adapt the sport to over 600 horsepower. For example, YouTuber The Stradman has been busy driving its own brand spreading across the new Supra across the country, and it seems police have recently been catching it for a little chat.
To be more precise, Nevada State Police withdrew the agitas as it was reportedly moving below Intestate's speed limit.

Sure, such stunts can always be scripted, but, judging by what's going on in the clip, the officer who pulled Supra over is a BMW guy, so his investor talk was the kind he deserves.

Speaking of which, you will find the adventure at 1:06 point from the clip below. As for what happens after this, the video takes us Sunday to a car in Monterrey.

So if you happen to be in a super car and hypercard at random, you can check out the rest of the video.

Now, if the Stradman Supra seems familiar, it's probably because you've seen this black Toyota right next to the Corvette C8 balcony earlier this month.

Speaking of the Monterey Car Week in 2019, I will remind you of some cool cool stories we talked about. And the Ferrari Enzo fauna that managed to fit in perfectly is an example as good as anyone.

Then there were the two girls who detailed Koenigsegg Jesescu, which appeared to have been Christian's approval. Don't worry, at least, one of them is a pro.

Oh, and let's not forget the V12 sound delivered by the fiercest Lamborghini Miura in the world, namely SVR Jota. This attracted the camera from Mitja Borkert, the man who is currently changing into Lamborghini's design department.

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