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2019 NFL Draft: Everything you need to know from the 1st round, including ratings, cash and more

The NFL draft in 2019 finally began Thursday night, and it was certainly a night to remember for several fan bases. The first round began with the Cardinals finally to match the biggest mystery in Offseason by selecting Kyler Murray, which means that Josh Rosen should be on the go at some point soon. The more important early selections included the raiders who found themselves on the field, and Klélin Ferrell in the quarter-finals, and the giants picked Daniel Jones number 6, and both can best be described as scored where they were expected to pick out these two players.

Do you want to take the elections, analyzes, grades, and everything you need to know on Friday and Saturday, while the draft continues to develop? Be sure to check out our vivid coverage of the draft streaming here at CBS Sports HQ and at the top of this story starting at 6 am. ET. You can also download the CBS Sports application for free on any mobile or connected TV. Visit our Draft Tracker to get all the information you need to know to pick from the circle 1. Or you can continue to read the summary of the action, then check out our live blog at the bottom of this post to experience it the whole action.

Round 1 grade

The senior NFL writer, Pitt Priscay, provided his ratings and analyzes for every first round, and it is fair to say that some teams have done extraordinary punches, while others have fallen. Prisco just wore one A + at night, and that went to … Dolphins! Here is what writes about their choice of Christian Wilkins at no. 13.

This is my favorite choice of the entire draft so far. I love this choice. I think this kid will be a star. I was whole Grady Jarrett when he was elected and I think Wilkins might be even better. This is a good building block for Brian Flores and his staff.

You can probably guess which team got the worst degree of night. Here's what Prisco had to say about the Giants to reach a new defensive match by taking Daniel Jones to No. 6:

I wanted to give this choice "F." I like Daniel Jones, but I just do not like this place. They must have got the intelligence that another team will take it before 17. I like it, but not in no. 6. It's strange that it's too early.

You can check out all 32 of his initial grades here.

Breakdown by night

If you do not want to go through all the tweets live blog below, we hope the draft of the analyst Chris Trapasso from the first round, where he gave his instant analysis of each choice as it happened.

While many thought that the election of Clareen Ferrel in no. 4 was a reach, Trapasso's fans of the Raiders did not care:

We should have seen how it came, the first great surprise of the night was through John Gruden and Mike Mayk. I like Klélin Ferrell. Really. I had it in the middle of the first round of my big board. Before Josh Allen of Kentucky. Before Brian Burns of the state of Florida.

Why? Because Ferrell can beat you in many ways. It's huge when you reach the NFL level. Allen's movements are missing. Burns should add weight and strength.

Ferrell has a legitimate NFL defensive ultimate size and multiple high production seasons in a major program. He has long weapons, which he uses well for every rush, is the stellar top of the field against the race, and has indeed started to show an advanced arsenal of swift movements in his final season at Clemson. My comparison to him is Chandler Jones.

Because my no. 3 pure advantage moves into this class, I do not think this is too early unless the Indians could draw Ferrell in the 24th place as a whole, and there are no guarantees there.

Be sure to click on the link above to get defects in every round of 1 round.

What else?

Stay away from where we will have the best available outlook left on the second day, mock about 2 and 3 laps and much more apart the draft.

If you can not see the live updates below, click here.

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