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12 NFL statistics that show how the Steelers feasted on Panthers in a dominant win


At the beginning of the game Pittsburgh Steelers vs. We expected the Carolina Panthers to be one of the best Football Thursday evening duels of the year. After five minutes, it still seemed to be true.

But quite soon, after that, the game turned into a Steelers event, which ended with a battle of 52 to the Panthers, which was not even that close. As Cam Newton said after the match, "We just started shouting"The Steelers won the fifth game in a row, and Panthers now have 0-4 all the time in Heinz Field.

Here is an example of how Steelers (6-2-1) dominate Panthers (6-3).

9: The Panther's opening was an impressive, nine-man, 75-yard landing, which led them to a 7-0 advantage. This advantage would last for seven seconds and it would be the only situation where Panthers ran all night.

75: It took a single game for Steelers to respond to Newton's bipolar pass for 20 yards to Christian McCaffrey, when Ben Roethlisberger threw a 75-yard pass on the front line of JuJu Smith-Schuster on the first offensive Pittsburgh game.

13: The Steelers scored 14 points in 13 seconds when the Panthers took the field after Smith-Schuster's results and suddenly watched as Newton turns almost safe in Vince & Williams and six. The Steelers linebacker ran the ball back 17 yards on the score.

Here is an image of a man who thinks: "Oh no, I'm going to make a terrible decision." Or at least we'll have to wear it. And no, this ball will not go to Greg Olsen, as this photo seems – it's a throw that caused Newton to intercept.

11: James Connner in the first quarter of the twentieth touchdown meant his 11th result of the season, of which 10 took place on earth. Le & # 39; Veon Bell has never had more than nine accelerated touchdowns throughout the season, and his record season is 11 applied adventures. That's how Conner now has nine games.

When it comes to total footage, Conner still has ways to match the sum of Bell & # 39; Conner has 771 rush yard and 387 receiving shipyards this season. The Bell & # 39; career achievements, both on the race and on the yacht, appeared in the 2014 season with 1.361 jumps and 854 shipyards received.

It will be interesting to see how Conner's season will continue as soon as Bell comes back next week. Although it is also possible that Bell will not report to Tuesday, which is the deadline for signing his franchise label. This will allow him to play this year and end his stay. Conner came to the conclusion that the brain shock was evaluated in the fourth quarter and did not return, even though the game was out of place at the time.

50: Kicker Steelers Chris Boswell transformed his longest goal in the field of the year (50 yards) in the second quarter.

158.3: Roethlisberger had an excellent stopwatch in the middle of the match after passing 12 out of 13 out of 234 yards and two touchdowns in the first two quarters. Quite surprisingly, he continued his impressive game in the second half and ended the game with the same passager rating. This was the first time since 2007 that he ended the game with the score of 158.3.

Big Ben made 22 of 25 passes for 328 yards and five touchdowns in three quarters (and one match in the fourth quarter) in which he played. He joined Russell Wilson and Jared Goff as a quarterback to finish the game with an excellent passer score this season.

11:01: Time remained on the clock when Steelers put Josh Dobbs on the quarterback. With a score of 52-14, there was no need to keep Roethlisberger in the game, and the Panthers should also pull Newton for their own safety. For some reason, they took out Ryan Kalil's center, but they were happy to keep Newton.

It was a general sentiment on Twitter:

1: Strokes, like Panter's safety, Eric Reid was disqualified in the third quarter "for unnecessary roughness in dealing with the head and neck of the retracting quarterback". Reid was controversially sent to the locker room after contact with Roethlisberger during the game, during which the quarterback ran for 18 yards.

6:21: Time remained on the clock when Steelers received their first and only penalty in the game. It came to the fact that Artie Burns was called to intervene on the defensive. Two pieces later, McCaffrey won the third (and third Panther) landing in the game. McCaffrey is the third player in the Panthers history with three simple games with many touchdowns (Ted Ginn, 2015 and Lamar Smith, 2002), according to ESPN statistics and information.

9: McCaffrey now has the record for the most careers when he gets touchdown points (nine) by escaping in the Panthers history. He scored one hurry and two receiving touchdowns as a result of the Panter defeat and had 138 stutterers with skirmishes in the game.

5: Steelers' defense cut five sacks on Newton, and two appeared with Cam Heyward. T.J. Watt also had a sack and pressed on Newton when he threw the only interception of the game.

52: The most points were scored by Steelers in Heinz Field and their end point at the end of choking 52-21.

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