Thursday , October 1 2020

West Life admirers outraged by the "ruined" performance of Strictly Come Dancing


Iconic boy band Westwood left fans nervous as they went to the Blackpool Tower to perform together for the first time in years.

Despite the great reunion, fans remained incredibly frustrated as they struggled to hear the band perform.

An exciting, strict audience angered the fans, who blew their whistles for being too loud.

The British public took to Twitter to share their anger at cheering and clapping after tonight's results show.

One shared on Twitter: "They want the audience to stop chanting so we can hear western life sing, so bloody disturbing every week #StrictlyComeDancing

The band performed together for the first time since their split seven years ago

Another person wrote: "If the audience stopped bleeding every second, it would be fantastic # Strictly ".

Third furiously written: “#StrictlyComeDancing Too Much Music !!!! Getting grrrrrrrrr “.

And the fourth added: "Brilliantly watching West Life on Strictly, even if the sound wasn't the best!"

The chorus band still amazed the fans, but they were angry that their singing was smooth of cheer

Others complained that they did not know that the West was reunited.

One argued: “When it happened # western life let's go back together … don't look older at all .. #StrictlyComeDancing ".

Another said, "Did I sleep under a bridge? When did the West begin to come back together?" as one of them joked: "I think when the money from their last reunion tour expired!"

Fans commented on how they still look the same

The results showed that Saphron Barker and AJ Pritchard competed against Michel Vizage and Ovovian Purnice in the off-field.

Fans at home complained of loud applause from the audience

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Choosing the Editor of Showbiz

Michelle and Ovovani were at the bottom of the leaderboard last night, while others earned high marks and as a result, the couple was sent home tonight.

* Strictly Come Dancing returns next Saturday at 7pm on BBC One

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