Thursday , October 1 2020

Welsh Assembly chief of staff resigns over secret AM footage


Sir Roderick Evans

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Sir Roderick Evans became Commissioner for Standards in 2017

A man overseeing complaints of politicians in Wales has resigned after he was secretly recorded by a member of parliament.

Standards Commissioner Sir Roderick Evans said that "highly confidential talks" with his staff had been exploited.

Former Playmate AMU Neil McEvoy confirmed that he made the recordings.

Police are being urged to investigate, and the assembly organized a bribe on the organization's property.

The South Wales Central AM, now sitting as an independent, claims to have found evidence claiming to have brought Sir Roderick's office into disagreement.

He said he acted legally and in the public interest. He was facing three separate investigations by the Standards Commissioner at the time, before Sir Roderick resigned.

Sir Roderick, a former judge of the Supreme Court and vice-chancellor of Swansea University, said McEvoy's actions were "completely unacceptable" because he was suspended on Monday.

"It came to my mind that conversations with my staff about a variety of highly confidential and sensitive issues were secret, and perhaps illegal, recorded over a period of what seems to be several months and in what appear to be very different locations from a member of the assembly, ”said Sir Roderick, who has served as commissioner for 2017 assembly standards.

"These include very confidential conversations with my staff, including reference to cases brought by members of the public."

"That a member of our national assembly could behave in this way is completely unacceptable. It undermines the integrity of the grievance process and undermines our democratic process. I am not ready to continue in my role as Commissioner for Standards. "

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Neil McEvoy said he acted legally in the public interest

Speaker of the Welsh Assembly Speaker Elaine onesons has said she has accepted Sir Roderick's resignation and will now begin the process of finding a successor.

She said: "The secret recording of private conversations is a serious matter and we will ask the South Wales police to investigate how such recordings were obtained.

"Arrangements have been made to seize Sande's property to locate any unauthorized electronic surveillance devices."

In response to Mr McEvoy, the Standards Commissioner's office said: "The appropriateness of hidden recordings of private and confidential conversations will be reviewed by the authorities over time."

Last year, Sir Roderick was accepted into the line after saying that the video depicting Labor leader AM topping a low-key woman is not sexist.

Earlier in 2019 he was charged with double standards after he recommended checkered Shimru Am Lean Wood to be tweeted about swearing.

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