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The Marshmall Showtime Show The challenges are in Fortune

It's almost a party time in Fortune.

In what is one of the worst-kept secrets Fortunes have had in a long time, Saturday, February 2 at 2:00 ET, there will be a Marshmelo concert in a pleasant park.

Numerous exits came out over the past few days confirming this, and even Marshmallow confirmed it announcing it during his tour.

Starting yesterday players were able to head to Pleasant Park and watch his scene set for a show.

Today, in Fortney, it appears that the ads will begin to appear for the show, while Showtime Challenges went live.

The first and only challenge unlocked requires players to "Search Showtime Poster", which will reward them with spray Marshmelow.

Forty Showtime challenges

Other challenges unlock for 24 hours on the challenge page, but they will reward players with emoticons and pickaxies.

This seems to confirm the fact that the Marshmelo model will be a game in the game, rather than being available for purchase.

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Of course, it's still very early, so we'll know more about when the event is officially debuted.

Marshmelo's event leaks from danatum from patch v7.20 which found a secretly Marshmelo music video in the files.

This video was only discovered a day after Marshmelo manager revealed on Instagram a cooperation is coming with fortunes and DJs.

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