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The Irish Prime Minister announces a "pretty good" day when he secures Brexit News from the world

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced that Brexit is a "pretty good" day in politics, revealing that he has achieved everything that Ireland wanted from negotiations, including a guarantee of the Irish border.

The energetic taoiseach said that the cabinet's support was a breakthrough after two and a half years of negotiations. "It's one of the better days in politics," he told reporters in Dublin.

He said that Ireland's priorities from the very beginning were: "protecting the peace process and the Good Friday agreement, protecting the common travel area and protecting trade, jobs and the economy … We have achieved a satisfactory result on each of these priorities".

However, the deal led London to collide with a leading Democrats party that said it would oppose an agreement on the Irish border that would include EU controls on goods transported from the UK to Northern Ireland in the event of disagreement.

According to the draft agreement, the contingency plan will come into force in the absence of a contract and will not have either the expiry date or the unilateral exit clause which the severe Brexiters demanded.

Protection is required to ensure that there is no hard border in Ireland if a comprehensive free trade agreement can not be signed before the end of 2020. Theresa May has proposed to the EU that the whole of the United Kingdom will remain in the Brexit customs union, but Brussels said that it needs more time to evaluate the application.

As a result, the EU insists on having its own safeguard mechanism – safeguards for collateral – which would mean that Northern Ireland will remain in the single market and the customs union in the absence of a free trade agreement, which will trigger strong opposition from conservative hard Breksitators and DUPs that support its government .

This prompted May to propose a nationwide alternative in which the whole of Great Britain would partly remain in the Brexit customs union.

"The EU still requires" protection against "protection" – in fact an insurance policy for an insurance policy. And they want it to be a solution only for Northern Ireland that they have previously proposed, "he told the deputy in May.

Raising the stakes, the prime minister said the EU's insistence posed a threat to Britain's constitution: "We have clearly stated that we can not agree to something that threatens the integrity of our United Kingdom," she added.

In this scenario, he calls for "full adaptation to these principles [the EU’s] internal market and customs union "in Northern Ireland in the event of disagreement, something the DUP said is a barrier in the Irish Sea that the party can not support.

Such a solution would apply "until an alternative system introducing a different scenario is agreed".

DUP leader Arlene Foster met with Theresa May for an hour on Wednesday after warning that "consequences" would occur if the prime minister returned to the Irish border.

"We had a sincere meeting with the Prime Minister lasting almost an hour today and he is fully aware of our position and concerns," Foster wrote on Twitter.

Varadkar, meanwhile, praised May for her "courage and courage" and tried to dispel the fears of the trade unionists.

It turned out that the new draft agreement contained guarantees of the right to self-determination for the citizens of Northern Ireland, in accordance with the agreement of Good Friday.

"Our approach is in no way a threat to you or your identity," Varadkar said.

He said the draft notice agreement "states in black and white" that Ireland and the EU fully respect the constitutional status of Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. "This can only change if most people in Northern Ireland want it," he said.

"We never wanted Brexit – our goal is simply to protect peace and understanding on Good Friday against any unintended or undesirable consequences."

He also said he believed the agreement was an economic opportunity for Northern Ireland. "I also think that the trade arrangements provided for in the text, if included, represent a real economic opportunity for Northern Irish companies with unhampered access to both the UK and EU markets," he said.

Ireland has also concluded a contract for freight traffic transporting cargo from Ireland to the EU via the "landbridge" of the United Kingdom.

The notice agreement confirms the "commitment of the United Kingdom to facilitate this move in any direction.

Earlier, Varadkar raised Brexiter's cries when he confirmed that the EU was outlined at the summit in danger on November 25, assuming that the May Brexit agreement survived the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, which she did.

MP Steve Baker, who resigned from Checkers, wrote on Twitter that he is "Disillusioned" to learn him this way.

Steve Baker MP

A bit disappointed to find out here, first

November 14, 2018

It also turned out that Varadkar intends to inform the non-union parties of Northern Ireland, the SDLP and the Alliance and the Green Party of the withdrawal agreement, despite the fact that the region belongs to the British jurisdiction.

During the questions in Dáil, he tried to dispel the concerns of the trade unionists, saying that they would be protected by a contract.

"I know that this is a difficult time for the Unionist community in Northern Ireland, many of whom may feel vulnerable, many of whom may feel isolated, and many of whom may be very concerned about what may be agreed in the coming days." – He said.

"I want to tell them that the Good Friday Agreement will be protected, which includes the recognition that we respect the territory of the United Kingdom and that we respect the principle of agreement that there can not be any change in the constitutional status of the North." Ireland, unless most Northern Ireland says so, and we are very happy that we have signed the contract. "

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