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The fee for the FTSE 100 turns into multiple curtains

  • FTSE 100 to 25 points

  • Futures markets suggest that US standards will become even stronger

  • Aberdeen in Footsie Lighthouse after dropping the broker

11.00: Benefits such as futures point to the late start of Wall Street

Futures markets point out that US reference values ​​open only modestly, suggesting that physics has already entered the market.

The FTSE 100 was 25 points (0.4%) to 6,966, after having previously entertained the idea of ​​returning over 7,000 when it briefly hit 6,995.

"A Federal Reserve Bank meeting yesterday triggered a rocker under action, giving the Dau returned more than 25,000," said Chris Beasham, the chief market analyst at IG.

"However, the shockingly poor German retailer, who recorded the worst monthly fall since the beginning of 2007, has reduced sentiment and increased the worries that the eurozone is headed for a much softer economic patch, but if the Fed remains so attentive to monetary policy then shares they will have much less concern, "he continued.

"Now, if US and Chinese officials could only make a positive statement and show that progress has been made, we could be another jump higher, breaking S & P 500's more than 2,700 and breaking that line of declining trend from the October heights that seemingly all see (even those who are not declared), says Boschamp.

Back to the United Kingdom, Aberdeen PLC () was reduced by 4.3% to 253.65p following the reduction in "overweight" shares of "overweight."

9.45: Hot gold for soccer

Central banks reserve the right to change their opinions and it seems that the Federal Reserve's re-examination is on the offensive, raising the stock market's sense.

FTSE 100 was 36 points (0.5%) at 6,978.

"FTSE found a little renewed energy on Thursday as well as Wall Street last night after the Fed stunned markets with a much softer ton of interest rates this year. Unlike the plans that were put forward just six weeks ago, the central the bank has signaled that it can not raise rates soon as it tracks the slowdown not only in domestic economic growth but also widespread slowdown in the global economy, "said Fiona Sinkota, senior analyst at the Index of the city.

The dollar took the hit this morning, but the big dollar earners Footsie seems to have rejected it off.

The reaction of the Bigs Beasts update was equally divided, with () and () getting thumbs-up and (LON: BT.) AND () getting the rush of a bum's rush.

Shell and Diaggio rose by 4% and 4.2%, while BT and Unilever were 4.1% and 2.9% respectively.

"There is a lot of BT to deal with both in the near and long term, and dividend issues will not disappear. Profit has been stable over the past nine months of 5.55 billion pounds, but the huge investment in the network of optical networks has reduced the free flow of cash by 11%, "commented Li Dill to the interactive investor.

"BT shares hampered the wider market to get into these results and, although they appeared cheap and offer an attractive yield, the market may wish to see what [new boss] Jansen raised his sleeve before supporting the new man, "suggested the Wild.

8.45: Hot streak

FTSE 100 did better than expected to start, setting the potential for the three-day winning line when it increased by 47 points to 6,988.15.

Who knows, Footsie may even support over 7,000 by the end of this week if the momentum continues.

With a blue chip index heavily weighted towards oil growers, inspired by results of 3.5%, higher than the results, they provided most of the driving force behind the index.

You see the comments of the Federal Reserve Fed Chairman, Jay Powell, also boosted the feeling.

Immediately before Shell, the leader board was Smirnoff Vodka Diageo (), who made up 4%, while securing semi-annual figures and said he would start a ransom of £ 600m.

"Surprisingly, for a group that turns water into something stronger than wine," Diagnosis "generates a lot of money and the company has rejected 1.3 billion pounds just in these past six months," said Berber Steve Clayton.

"These figures show the core strength of" Diagnosis ", with good board growth, despite the unstable macro-economic background."

There were no surprises from BT (), whose financial operations were every bit anemic as predicted. Shares slid 1.6%.

Proactive News:

() was live with the restaurant reservation service in Bristol on Thursday, and also updated his strategy for 2019.

() stepped up its intellectual property once again after the younger biotechnology provided two new patents for its VAL301 company in China and Russia, respectively.

The Mineral Resources Research Company () should receive a discount of about £ 500,000 from the taxpayer.

Trading with the fiscal third quarter of the "Fitness Group" (PLC) survey continued strongly, leaving the group on track to meet earnings expectations throughout the year.

GP surgery owner of the property () increased its dividend for the 22nd year, as it reduced down Brexit. "Regardless of the final outcome and consequences of Brexit for the UK, it is unlikely that they will have a direct impact on the primary care centers in which we invest," said Harry Himan, CEO.

The regenerative drug group () signed a new licensing agreement and distribution of the skeleton for the bones of the knee ChondroMimetic with an Indonesian partner.

Shefa Yamin (ATM) Ltd () announced the sampling results in zone 2 of its Kishon Mid-Reach project in Israel.

Winner of computer games production () said that 2018 was "another year of good organic growth and geographical expansion".

(LON: SCLP) said in its interim results that it had money to advance its pipeline from immunotherapy products.

() said there was no concern for safety or compliance with people involved in testing the skin cream of the company. Half of the 120 volunteers were under investigation, with the study being completed as expected this quarter.

Cellular Therapist Specialist () said that new data will be presented to demonstrate the possibility of increasing the production of exmonomes derived from CTX derived from ReNeuron. Exosomes are nanoparticles released from cells that are believed to play a key role in cell-cell communication.

The ban on tenant fees from June will have less impact than was expected at Belvoir Letting PLC (). Originally, Bévoir, who manages the UK's second largest granting network, predicts that the ban will spend 8 percent of gross profits.

IronRidge Resources Limited () issued an update on its lithium portfolio in Cape Coast in Ghana. The research company said it had carried out a 4,684-meter reverse circulation drilling on Abonko's goal and a project called Likum Ekojaa, which returned the visible underground intersections with pending analysis.

() explores the options for the New Bacterial Topoisomerase Program (NBTI) program with other potential project licensing stakeholders once Dineve says he decides not to use his option. The firm said Deinove's decision followed a nine-month evaluation period during which the group had the only rights to develop the program.

JSC (JSC) announced that it is expected to make a profit in its full period after reducing the losses in the first six months.

PLC (PLC) has sold stocks of shares held by IMS Resource in the amount of 254,000 pounds.

Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd CEO Martin Eales believes that the miner now has a plan to take on its financial performance to disintegrate even wider.

Achieved oil (LON: DGOC) confirmed that trading in the last weeks of 2018 "remained strong".

() said that after the announcement of December 20, 2018, he appointed Anthony Betty and Hugh Jessmann of Anthony Butti and Company as joint administrators of the company with immediate effect. He added that the administration's goal is to ensure the proper implementation of its funds in order to maximize the value for creditors and shareholders and, if possible, the survival of the company.

88 Energy Limited () ((ASX: 88E) confirmed that the company's latest corporate presentation is now available on its website.

6.30 am: a suppressed start is foreseen

The FTSE 100 seems to set off to subdue, but a positive start after announcing triple profits on Wednesday.

The blue chip stock index will open eight points higher to 6,949.63, according to the spreading company.

Wall Street closed high, after climbing more than 400 points. It was guaranteed by commenting on a comment by US Federal Reserve commentator Jay Powell, who effectively hit the interest rate could be down the road. His words had a positive impact on major stock markets in Asia.

"The US Central Bank called its language and rejected the phrase" a further gradual increase "in terms of rising rates," said David Medden, an analyst at CMC Markets.

"The Fed also said that they will also be" patient "when it comes to hiking rates."

Back in the UK, it is set to be a busy day for the company's newscasts with heavy BT news (), a maker of Diagio (), owner of Marim Unilever () and Shell oil ().

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  • Pound worth $ 1.3126

  • Gold to $ 8.70 per ounce in US $ 1,324.2

  • Brent rose 53 cents per barrel to 63.18 US dollars

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