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The Embraer Big White Shark plane is epic inside and outside without middle seats

It sounds like a scene from Sharkano, but aviation lovers kept their eyes in the sky hoping to spot a big white shark!

In fact, the epic epic E190-E2 plane, called Hunter-Profit, attracts attention while traveling around the world and shows its strange outfit painted to look like a ferocious shark.

But they are not just fans of aircraft with which it is a hit.

Like epic clothing, there is another treated passenger shop inside; the seats are in the form of two to two.

This means that it is not an uncomfortable center seat in which to squeeze. There is no need to fight for personal space, there is no need to climb one thing inadvertently, if you need to become.

In fact, Embraer says there will be more space and a lot of legroom space, as well as more space for a locker in which passengers can hold their bags.

Recording of the passenger plane E190-E2

The E190-E2 went into operation in April, and the test fleet flies around the world, and airline athletes share images of social media whenever they see it on the runway.

It looks really cool

The first of Embraer's new E-Jet E2s, the other two planes, will also boast a fairly attractive livery with farmland eagles and tiger motifs.

There is even more on the plane than just his clothes; seems to have many benefits for airlines given the addition of the E190-E2 to their fleets.

The front of the plane is striking

For starters, the plane burns up to 17.3 percent less fuel, not to mention it is much quieter compared to other planes.

Because of its size and design, it can also bring down maintenance costs by up to 25%, not to mention that Embraer says less training will be required for pilots to master the command of the aircraft.

The catcher hunter arrives in China

The new plane already has many exciting visits to Asia, Europe and Africa.

There is good news for those who want to see it for themselves, as it comes to Ireland, by stopping at the airport in Dublin as part of the final round of his tour.

The best part is that there are many inexpensive hotels in Dublin, as well as a number of things you need to see and do – so if you are interested, you can also make a weekend of it!

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