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Tesco issues buyer warning about dangerous new social media scam

This year, Tesco is 100 years old and has started a series of discounts to celebrate the chain.

Anyway, it didn't do that to launch a voucher on Facebook to celebrate – but that's exactly what the fraudsters claim on Facebook.

A Tesco spokeswoman told Mirror Money: "This is not Tesco's offer. We would always ask clients to be vigilant and double check the legitimacy of all coupons, vouchers or online contests.

"If you are ever unsure of the coupons / vouchers you see online, you can always check by calling our customer service team on 0800 50 55 55.

"Customers can also visit our privacy center, where we have tips on how to stay safe online and how to be aware of fraud and phishing."

Worryingly, the last time this scam hit Facebook in 2017, Tesco's buyers were far from the only target.

False vouchers have begun to circulate about Sinsbury, Asda, Whitehorse, Iceland, Argos, Johnson Lewis and Morrison.

A spokesman for the fraudulent action told Mirror Money customers should be cautious before clicking on unwanted links.

This is a scam – not a gift

"The fraudsters will do everything they can to try and retrieve personal and financial details from their victims. It is extremely tempting to click on voucher links while browsing social media, "the spokesman said.

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"However, we urge people to be cautious about clicking on unwanted links and advise that they do their research first before giving personal or financial details."

Scam Action Tips to Protect Yourself from Internet Voucher Scams

  1. Be wary of clicking on unwanted social media messages, even if they appear to come from trusted contact.
  2. Do some research online – check out the official supermarket website to see if there are any original offers available.
  3. Make sure you have antivirus software on your computer
  4. Never give out personal or financial information, including usernames, passwords, PINs, ID numbers or memorable phrases.

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