Thursday , October 1 2020

Stop using public USB ports to charge your phone


Picture: Newcastle

Battery power is one of those things that is always a premium, especially when traveling and needing to use one of the precious airport outlets to keep your device charged.

This week, on The LA district attorney's office issued a warning to remind you one way not to keep your device charged: a public USB port.

We warned people about using public USB ports back in May.

The problem is that public USB ports can potentially be hacked so that they install yesth– Store malicious software on your phone while it is charging. It's called "juice,“T.he breaks through could result in fraudsters gaining access to your passwords, personal information and more. Not exactly worth a few more minutes of Candy Krushright?

If you use one of the ports (no!), Make sure you do not agree to give the port access to data on your device. Depending on your device, you may see a pop-up when you connect, asking if you trust the device. Don't.

A better option is always to simply plug your phone or tablet into an AC outlet instead. I highly recommend raising a small surge protector before your vacation travels and bringing it together. The protector takes up a minimal amount of bag space and can be a powerful tool when negotiating with someone to allow you to share electricity.

Things like portable batteries can also be your friend and can help to provide some juice even when you are not far from the stores as a whole. I'm a huge fan of this battery of Moffie which can even charge your laptop if you need it, btu if your phone is the only concern you can get much smaller and cheaper batteries that can get the job done.

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