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Scots mum-money-turned into a transfer corridor for less than £ 80

The mother-of-three Scotch gave her house a truly worthy makeover for less than 80 quid.

Money savior Sarah Lindsay of Perthshire rebuilt the staircase, spending just £ 73.96 and doing the artwork herself.

The 37-year-old woman found the materials from local stores and transformed her corridor with only white, four rugs and four lanterns for the transformation.

Heart physiologist Sarah was inspired by seeing Pinterest and Instagram before the renovation and believed she had saved around £ 1,000 instead of hiring professionals, reports Miror.

She said: "When it comes to stairs, we originally thought of getting a carpet company, but we couldn't find anything we wanted. The prices were too expensive!

Sarah painted the stairs again, put on new rugs and decorated her with four small lanterns

"It's very important to do things on your own and to have something at home.

"All you really need is a staple gun and some rugs to go. I had to save about £ 1,000."

Sarah told Mail Online she split the job over several days as she painted the stairs using 4 pounds of white from B&Q sales before putting in four 14.99-pound carpets she bought from Range and decorating it with four lanterns of £ 2.50 from Ikea.

She and her partner Connor are currently renovating their house they share with children Niyam, 11, Sky, and Toren, 15 months.

She said the key is to get the main gun to climb the staircase

Her stunning transformation has garnered gratitude on social media.

One wrote in the comment: "Sarah, the stairs look absolutely amazing!"

Another said, "Looks like a factory, love the lights. I think I need some more for our stairs!"

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