Friday , September 25 2020

Samsung 4K TV's top budget is up to £ 300 in Black Friday deal


If you need a new 4K TV but don't want to spoil the bank that is buying it, then look no further than these fantastic Black Friday TVs from Curry, which lower the price of the LCD RU7020 4K LCD TV.

Available in 43, 50, 65, 70, 75-inch sizes, the RU7020 range comes with HDR10 + compatibility and the same Tizen-based smart TV interface as Samsung's flagship, despite the wallet price tag.

These 4K TVs even work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to control your TV only with your voice using a compatible smart speaker.

We recently reviewed the 43-inch model, giving it the coveted four out of five stars for its impressive color and motion handling, efficient scaling and an excellent operating system that gives you access to Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and all other platforms for streaming you might want.

While the remote might be better and the sound quality won't let you down, with up to £ 300 off these great Curry Black Friday deals, you'll have money left over to treat yourself to a new soundtrack.

Today's Best Deals on Samsung TV

Samsung UE43RU7020 4K TV: 379 pounds 329 pounds of Curry
Looking for a 4K TV that doesn't fit your entire living room (or empty your bank account?) This 43-inch model from Samsung is a great choice – and at 50 pounds away, it's a Black Friday sale at Currys See Deal

Samsung UE50RU7020 4K TV: 449 pounds 379 pounds on Curry
You can get even more savings for the 50-inch model, which is currently reduced by 70 pounds – and the 50-inch 4K Samsung Samsung for less than 400 pounds is great in our books. See bargain

Samsung UE65RU7020 4K TV: 749 pounds 579 pounds to Curry
The savings continue to improve – this 65-inch Samsung 4K TV is currently £ 150 RRP in this brilliant Black Friday deal. With the compatibility of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it would be almost unwise to buy a soundtrack for the money you've saved. See contract

Samsung UE70RU7020 4K TV: 849 pounds 749 pounds of Curry
Looking for something that will really impress your guests? Samsung's 70-inch RU7020 brings 4K to the big (former) screen – and at a discount of £ 100. Take a look at a bargain

Samsung UE75RU7020 4K TV: 1,299 pounds 999 pounds of Curry
This is the best deal – you can save a staggering £ 300 on a fantastic 75-inch RU7020 4K TV, lowering it to under £ 1,000. Show agreement

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