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RuPaul & # 39; s Drag Race star casts Britain on Mom and Body

Shadowing is nothing new Towing race at RuPaul UK, only queens usually do not offend their mothers.

That changed on Thursday (November 14th) Drag the UK race semifinals when the four remaining queens were joined by a loved one on the traditional challenge of makeover. This caused some problems for the Baga Shipz.

RuPaul & # 39; s Drag Race UK 11/14/19: RuPaul


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When the show's Frock Destroyer teamed up with her mother Joo (aka Saka Spudz), she reversed her Kardashian themes routine, which didn't go down well with the judges.

During the runway assessments, an incredibly unpleasant turn of events occurred, when Allen Carr wondered why Baga had apparently put so little effort into Saka's make-up.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK 11/14/19: Alan Carr and Michelle Visage


"I wish your mom looked as sexy and foggy as you," Alan complained. "You look like you're going to a posh lunch, as long as it looks like a treat or a treat."

Baga then angered fans by defending his costume choices, saying: "It's really hard to dress a woman of a certain age. She does not want to show her legs. She got sick. you mean? "

RuPaul & # 39; s Drag Race UK 11/14/19: Baga Chipz and mama


"We're celebrating it," Michelle Vizage interrupted, with Baga insisting: "Yes, but I didn't want to look as pregnant as Wilde's sister.[actually[whoactually[којвсушност[whoactuallywas pregnant]… It was really hard. If I had a younger girl like these two [Cheryl and Divina]"

"Oh my God," Michelle interrupted again. "You just throw it out there. Her stomach, her face, her age! "

RuPaul & # 39; s Drag Race UK 11/14/19: Baga Chipz and mama


When RuPaul asked Saka to hear about her "experience," she barely got word before Baga interrupted again to say she was proud that her making mother was on the runway because she was "blind like a bat".

This was the last straw for viewers who could not believe that Baga was an adult and a body – it embarrassed his own mother at Drag the UK race runway:

When the queens headed back to the Werk Room for Untucked, even Baga's best friend Vivien was upset when she saw Joo falling apart in tears.

"I don't think Baga means anything wrong with these comments she made on the runway, but I know if it was my mother she would have been very hurt by them," Vivien insisted.

After Vivienne asked Baga to apologize to her mother in front of the group, Baga admitted: "I know I didn't disturb you, but if I have, I'm sorry."

RuPaul UK Drag Race 11/14/19: Vivienne


On the stage, Ru and Judge Michelle Vizage have tried to put the stage very awkward in some context as they evaluate the queens.

"It felt like there was some unfinished business between them," Ruud condemned, with Michelle agreeing: "Girl, 100%. It was cruel and I don't think Baga was dealing with it the right way … It was Baga Tiger. "

RuPaul's Drag Race UK 11/14/19: Baga Chipz and Cheryl Hole


In the end, Baga ended up at the bottom of the queue with Cheryl Gul, but still survived her oral sync for your life on Amy Winehouse's "Tears on Their Own" to make the top three with Vivienne and Divina de Campo.

She also responded to the reaction on Twitter, writing simply: "I love my mom very much! So proud of you !!!"

Towing race at RuPaul UK launches new episodes on Thursday at 8 pm on BBC Three. In the US, you can watch the show on WOW Present Present Plus.

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