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Project Eagle Martian Virtual Base Tour

This is more game-in-proximity than anything but interesting and timely given today's successful Mars landing. The Eagle Project is a free semi-interactive 3D model of a potential Mars colony, as provided by the NASA Laser Motion Laboratory and compiled by Blackbird Interactive, the developers of the excellent RTS prequel Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Despite its serious, speculative scientific angle, it's easy to draw parallels between this industrial vision of a dusty desert planet and Harak – NASA has chosen the right people. Get it free for Steam here and try it yourself.

Blackbird is not joking when they say that the eagle project is not a game. Your interactions are limited to camera movement, switching to a sensor mode that contains some technical details about the different structures you see and ending the tour by starting your shuttle back to Earth. Oh, and there's a bonus achievement for finding ten small astronauts around the colony, where is the style of Will. It feels a lot of Homeworld also with the known effects of radio distortion intensifying while moving the camera from the structures. The view of the sensor is almost identical to Karak.

The Project Eagle has a full day / night cycle, and basic bouts with edge activity, where construction is underway. The found industrial vehicles are turning over the surface, and even the smallest buildings have little text in terms of the sensor to fill NASA's vision for the base. Clever reassessment of gaming technology. Given the state of the world now, it was difficult to imagine people getting closer enough to begin launching missions with a crew on Mars. Among today's projections of the probe and this, NASA looks forward to me for the future of humankind a little more.

You can grab Project Eagle for free here on Steam. If you have not already received it, the excellent Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is still 75% reduced to GOG, which reduces to £ 7.50 / $ 12.50, although that sale should end soon.

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