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Pokemon Sword and Shield REVIEW embargo – Nintendo Switch fans forced to wait for results | Games Fun

Update 3: Pokemon Sword and Shield previews started live on the Nintendo Switch.

Gamespot awards the game 9/10, describing it as an incredibly powerful show. IGN grants swords and shields 9.3 / 10, calling them the best games in the series.

Update 2: Pokemon Sword and Shield fans should pay attention at 2pm UK time on November 13th.

It appears that the review embargo will be lifted in the early afternoon, although it is unclear how many publications will publish the review results.

Update: The results of the Pokémon Swords and Swords Review have yet to go live, suggesting Nintendo has delayed the embargo.

Websites like IGN and Gamespot are yet to review the game, and the review thread on Reddit remains empty.

ORIGINAL: Fans of Pokémon Match and Shield are waiting to drop previews for the upcoming exclusive Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, though, it looks like fans have to keep playing the waiting game to get started.

No official time is listed on review aggregator pages, such as OpenCritic or Metacritic, and Nintendo remains firmly in the matter.

Reports say the review embargo could be lifted on November 12 at 1pm in the UK. Check at this time for an update.

Previous Pokémon gaming reviews dropped 2-3 days before launch, so this certainly seems feasible.

But even if views go live at this time, the numbers appear to be limited. New reports suggest that Pokémon sends only a limited number of pages for review.

According to Twitter user Liam Robertson, the restrictions have been set as a result of recent leaks that appeared before the launch.

"The Pokémon company has obviously said that they are preventing them from sending copies for review now as a result of leaks. Some may still get them, but people are being told this is not happening," Robertson's Tweets.

"This is pretty unheard of if it's true. They've never stopped reviewers like this before. I'm not sure what he is getting. The damage has already been done and this will only limit discussions about the game among the press. "

The launch path was unusual for the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The controversy began when Game Freak confirmed that not all Pokémon would return to the games. Leaks revealed which Pokemon are sliced.

On the other hand, Pokemon Sword and Shield will contain many new features and a new generation of Pokemon, not to mention a new loosely based UK location.

One of the new headlines is the aforementioned Dynamaxing, which turns Baby Monsters into huge beavers with more powerful special moves.

In the Nintendo Switch editions there will be more customization options for trainers, including the possibility of changing hairstyles and wearing makeup.

Players will also be able to set up camps while exploring the Gallar region, and can even cook curry dishes.

Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long to find out if it's good or not.

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