Sunday , April 11 2021

New leaked Fortnite LTM with zombies coming soon – Horde Rush LTM and Challenges

Here is the new LTM and the challenges that have been revealed since the update of v9.20.

Epic added many files to v9.20 Fortune update and data miners are busy through these files to see what's new. There is a new LTM that is added in this week's update and data-miner managed to bring out the challenges that will come along with this LTM.

Forte Fortnite LTM – Horde Rush challenges

The new LTM is called the Horde rush and the challenges for this LTM can be seen below:

  • Elimination of members of a horde with dizziness (500)
  • Eliminate poisonous poisoning or exploding Brutes of at least 5 meters (20)
  • Collect multipliers of result (10)
  • Damage Damage Obelisk (5,000)
  • Work together with your team to eliminate gold brutalis (5)
  • Win a match without being eliminated (1)
  • Win a team score of at least 100,000 (100,000)
  • Earn a team with a score of at least 150,000 (150,000)
  • Earn a team score of at least 200,000 (200,000)
Forty Leaked LTM - Horde Rush Challenges
Forty Leaked LTM – Horde Rush Challenges

Chords are the "zombies" of Fortunes and we saw similar LTM in the Battle of Royal, who has zombies in it, which is the first time for Halloween. This event also had challenges that the players were supposed to complete in order to win prizes.

The awards for completing these challenges are mainly XP, but the completion of the first challenge, "Eliminating Horde Heads," will give the players a loading screen, which can be seen below.

leaked v9.20 loading on the screen
leaked v9.20 loading on the screen

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