Thursday , October 1 2020

New Epstein defendant sues property, urges Prince Andrew to share information | US news


A woman who claims that Effefer Epstein committed a "malicious, prolonged sexual assault" against her when she was 15 years old called on Prince Andrew to come forward with information on the convicted sex offender.

The new prosecutor, who identifies herself as "Jane Doe 15", addressed the Duke of York at a news conference Monday, where she and Attorney Gloria Arred announced their lawsuit against Epstein's estate. She is one of a dozen women suing the deceased financier's property for alleged sex abuse.

"Prince Andrew and everyone else close to Epstein should come out and make a sworn statement about what information they have," said Jane Doe 15.

Aller said she urged Andrew to "voluntarily meet with the FBI and prosecutors investigating this criminal case in New York, and also secure his deposition under oath."

Their attraction comes on the heels of an interview with BBC Newsnight in which Andrew was pressured into his friendship with Epstein – who killed himself in a Manhattan prison a few months after his arrest on sex trafficking charges.

Andrew claims to have met Epstein through Isislaine Maxwell – the daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell – who is accused of serving as Epstein's procurer. Virginia Uffufre claims Epstein flew to London on his private jet around 2001, when she was 17 years old. After eating and dancing, the uffufre and the prince had a sexual encounter at Maxwell's home in Belgium, she claims. Andrew denies the claim. Maxwell also unequivocally denied the offense.

She said that after returning home from New Mexico, an aide from Epstein invited her to his home in the Virgin Islands. She claims that the assistant said Andrew would be among the guests and added that she had declined the invitation.

"Epstein took away my sexual innocence," the woman told the press.

The royal family did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The prince has not been charged with crimes in Jane's To 15 and claims to have broken ties with Epstein in 2010.

Court documents detail the alleged abuse.

Janeen Up to 15 said she was lured into Epstein's dark world when she was at school in New York. She was allowed to visit her sister, a model in New York, for a day. Janeine Do's sister, 15, who knew Epstein, invited her to his home town, she claims.

Arriving in his hometown of Ton East Side in Manhattan, his secretary reportedly started "grooming Jane Doe 15 to be used as Epstein's sex object – she took Jane Jane Doe 15, gave her iPod and told her Janeine Doe 15 Epstein really wanted to get to know her. " The secretary removed Jane Jane's contact information by 15, the lawsuit said.

Weeks later, she claims that the secretary emailed Ein Do, 15, saying that "Epstein was excited by the photos and was very interested in [her]"- she and her sister were invited to a magic show in Las Vegas and then Epstein's ranch in New Mexico.

For Jane Jane By 15, who "grew up in a poor middle-western household", the prospect of traveling seemed "exciting". She convinced her mother to take her on a journey. She then received ticket information from the secretary.

After the performance, the girl and her sister were taken to the airport, where they boarded Epstein's private jet. Epstein was present "with a couple of young girls," she claims.

Upon arriving at the ranch, Jane Doe 15 and others were told they could do whatever they wanted – such as riding a horse or ATV or using hot tubs or swimming pools.

At one point during the ranch stay, Jane Jane Doe 15 says, she was questioned in the main house and taken to Epstein's bedroom, where she reportedly wore a bathrobe and requested a massage. The girl says she felt Epstein wanted her to engage in sexual activity, "but she did not know what it was. Epstein seemed frustrated as a result. "

He, according to court documents, attacked her with a device.

She says she left the ranch after three or four days.

A lawyer representing Epstein's property executors did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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