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Neighbors spoilers for November 18 to 22

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Next week on Neighbors, residents of Ramsay Street draw battle lines, one neighbor spiraling out of control, while a member of the Rebecca clan bids farewell.

Here are 10 stories from this week to look forward to.

1. Shin and Eli grow closer

Gene Kelly in Neighbors

Channel 5

With the common grief over the declared dead John, distressed Eli and Gene continue to rely on each other for support. With Ellie also losing her job, Shane suggests focusing on preparing her room for the baby's arrival.

They offered to help, but things got tricky when Gene revealed an old photo album of his and Eli's relationship in Sydney. Eli and Bea don't pay much attention to it, but Gene may not be able to leave it so easily. Do we see Gene's beginnings falling for his girlfriend's sister?

2. Ned's behavior raises alarming war

Ben Hall as Ned Willis in Neighbors

Channel 5

Now in the underground battlefield as a way to deal with his feelings after Scarlett was stabbed, people began to notice that Ned was not getting along. First, he is upset that Dipey dropped a knife, leading to Hashvi expressing concern, and then Bea begins to realize that something is wrong.

Bea asks Ned if he has returned to his gang habits and is not responding well, choosing to head to another fight.

3. Gary learns about the Restoration Order

Gary Canning catches Pru Wallace stealing from neighbors

Channel 5

After warning her away, Harlow has a change of heart and tells Gary that he should give Prue another chance. He quickly asks her out on a date, and she's glad she accepted.

Later, Gary catches Puy by stealing tram money on a tram and she is forced to admit to covering membership fees for the mysterious rebuilding order. After pleading with him not to tell anyone, Gary agrees to keep her a secret, but wants to know more about what's involved.

4. Kyle and Amy fight as a couple

Kyle Cunning and Amy Williams at Neighbors

Channel 5

After the sex tape expires, Kyle and Amy are distant and struggling to be intimate with each other. Sheila catches wind of the problems they both have and sits down with Amy for a woman-to-woman sex chat.

Sure, Amy is a favorite to have this conversation with, but she advises and plans a salty evening for her and Kyle. However, Kyle has other things in mind – it's time for Amy to find out about his class action lawsuit against the Lasithers.

5. Ramzi Street is divided

Toyadi Rebecca and Paul Robinson clash with Neighbors

Channel 5

News of the Kyle class action lawsuit is spreading and it would be fair to say there is mixed response from locals, which threatens to tear the community apart.

Therese reveals her willingness to stay away from the bottle is weakening, Todd's involvement raises alarm bells – even among his family – and alliances across Erinsboro are being tested.

6. Is Harlow's time in Erinsboro ending?

Emma Donovan and Dennis Van Auten as Charlotte Robinson and Pew Wallace in Neighbors

Channel 5

While Pew happily recruits Gary to the Order, Harlow restrains himself by trying to make things as stressful as possible for Paul and Teresa at home.

Pew begins to worry that Harlow is too busy and as a result is not reaching his full potential. She gradually begins to lay the groundwork for her and Harlow to return to London with the promise of a rich and happy life, but will Harlow really leave?

7. Hendrix sabotage Pierce

Benny Turland as Hendricks Grayson in Neighbors

Channel 5

If Susan is your wedding celebrator, that can mean only one thing – the infamous marriage quiz! Hendricks sees this as a golden opportunity to cause more damage between Pierce and Chloe. He holds the answers and changes them so much that Susan is forced to back down for fame because they are incompatible.

Unfortunately for Hendrix, Peirce notes that his answers are wrong and assures Susan that he will correct them. Susan is back on the plane, and Hendricks's plans appear to be thwarted. But he may simply have an unexpected ally…

8. Hendrix and Roxy teamed up

Benny Turland as Hendricks Grayson in Neighbors

Channel 5

Hendricks' feelings for his father are clear, but he soon discovers that there is another person on the Ramsey Street ax grinding against Pierce. Roxy is stressed by him at work and is looking forward to retaliation, so she is more than happy to help Hendrix cause trouble.

Roxy advises Hendrix that the best thing she can do is play nice and wait for the right moment. While Pierce and Chloe are thrilled that he seems happy about the wedding now, few know he is simply playing the long game in his quest to conquer Chloe.

9. Kirsha bids farewell to Erinsboro

Kirsa Rebecca's Output to Neighbors episode

Channel 5

It's Kirsa's last day on Ramzi Street and she clearly says she doesn't want anyone to go to Sydney with her. Jane thinks they should do what she wants and Deepi reluctantly agrees.

However, after Kirsha is gone, Dipi makes her feelings about the whole thing. She is furious about the role that both Jane and Todd played in their little girl leaving home and showing no signs of forgiving any of them any time soon.

10. Aaron catches Ned in a dangerous situation

Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan in Neighbors

Channel 5

As people begin to care about Ned, Aaron discovers what is happening, and he may have learned too late. He does not believe in Ned's justifications for his injuries and has decided to follow up after leaving Zepa.

Ned quickly discovers what is happening to Kane and the underground fight club, but his immediate problem is Ned. Noticing Aaron is forced to drag Ned when someone violently bursts into the ground and shows no signs of stopping.

Neighbors Air days at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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