Monday , September 28 2020

NASA's Three Asteroids Tracking Started This Way, Observed Two Just 2 Days Ago – RT World News


NASA is currently tracking three objects near Earth (NEO) due to fly off Earth on November 20. Worryingly, two of the three were spotted only at the weekend, once again raising tensions over planetary defense.

The first of the spacecrafts on Wednesday and the largest, measuring 157.5 meters to 360.8 meters (48 to 110 meters), will be the asteroid 2019 UK6, which will accelerate from approximately 6.20 pm by mail GMT (1.20 pm EDT). ). It is 2019 UK6 that we had earlier warned about, since it was first observed on October 24th.

NEO 2019 UK6 is an asteroid asteroid that orbits the Sun and the Earth, occasionally, but rarely, crossing the Earth's path. Apollo asteroids, on the other hand, intersect with the Earth's orbit as the planet travels around the Sun.

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The second of the spacecrafts on Wednesday will be WF 2019, first observed by NASA's asteroid hunters just two days ago on November 17. however, there is no danger of extinction event.

The last will be 2019 CE, 2019, also recorded in the last second on 17 November. This asteroid will sail past our planet at about 1.3 million kilometers.

According to the NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), all three will have what is called "Approaching the Earth," but fortunately, no one is believed to be a threat.

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