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Mel B says dispute with Tesco due to "wrong communication" | Upload and Arts News

Mel B said her dispute with Tesco over the use of the image was reduced to "wrong communication".

The singer, whose real name is Melanie Brown, complained on Instagram after a photo of her was used in an advertisement for the supermarket chain Clubbard Plus.

Tesco responded, saying he was allowed to use the painting, but decided to stop using it on Monday.

The ad, played on Spice Girls' hit single "Spice," reads: "Stop now. You get a 10% discount from both major stores for £ 7.99 a month. "

The singer, also known as Scary Spice, clarified why she criticized the ad in Tuesday's post on Instagram.

She wrote: "It has never been a question of me being content with using my image and I have NEVER been questioning Tesco's permission to use the image.

"I did this campaign for Women & # 39; s Women's Aid to raise awareness and raise funds.

"There was miscommunication between some of the parties involved, but luckily Tesco was incredible."

Brown reportedly thought the charity Aid Aid would play a bigger role in the supermarket campaign.

She continued in her post: "Tesco understands the importance of Women & # 39; s help for me and agreed to match my donation fee for charity."

It is unknown whether Tesco will now use the ad, which features a 1997 picture of the singer in a leopard pepper gun.

The ad was part of the chain's latest campaign, featuring cultural references from the past 100 years to its 100th anniversary, with the tagline: "Women Returning You."

Other celebrities have also been used, including the comedy duo, Mmerkabe and Wise.

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