Tuesday , September 22 2020

McDonald's to launch 'evolved' paper straw after client reaction Business News


McDonald's says it is to launch an "evolved" paper straw all over Europe after customer feedback during the first attempt.

The fast-food chain recently released headlines about its controversial departure Chief Executive Officer of British Origin Steve Veligbrooksaid the change it brought was part of a broader commitment to the environment by reducing plastics and waste.

McDonald's has replaced its plastic straws with paper versions in the UK since late last year after successful tests, he said.

Many Twitter users slammed the first paper straws introduced by McDonald's in the UK

But tens of thousands of customers have called for the move to be canceled, claiming the straws have become torturous too quickly and even dissolved.

McDonald's UK chief executive Paul Pomorie appeared on Sky News at the time defend the straws – saying he checked them out himself.

The company said Thursday that the new, stiffer straw would be distributed to restaurants across Europe, though it declined to give a timetable.

It says: "After customer feedback and how the packaging industry has evolved, the scraps of paper that are being ejected are now stronger while remaining made from fully recycled materials."

The straw initiative is part of the Better M platform of the environmental support chain.

Another change was the rearrangement of McFlurry's packaging to eliminate the need for a special plastic lid. This would include the container having straps on top, the company explained.

The new McFloor containers will have flaps instead of a special plastic lid
The new McFloor containers will have flaps instead of a special plastic lid

He said this would reduce more than 1,200 tonnes of plastic annually.

It is also said to stop the lid on plastic drinks – but only in France.

The chain said they would be replaced by fiber. The food packages were to be trialized in Ukraine with its waffle-lined box.

McDonald's Vice President of Global Sustainability, Keith Kenny, said: "We take care to reduce our environmental impact and we know that our customers do as well.

"That's why we are finding new and innovative ways to reduce our packaging usage, move to more sustainable materials and help our customers use and recycle.

"The trials we conduct across Europe are essential to help us get customer feedback on solutions that help them become conscious consumers, without compromising the quality and experience of McDonald's they love."

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